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PCGS Registry Numbers
The PCGS Set Registry(tm) allows collectors to list and virtually share their collections of coins certified by PCGS. Individual coins are identified by the unique numbers that appear on the PCGS insert. Collectors can interactively update their collections on the PCGS website at
http://www.pcgs.com/setregistry/ as often as they wish. In addition, the collector can link images to his set to allow others to view his coins.

PCGS ranks sets by weighted average grade with rarer coins having a higher weight than common ones, by completeness, and by overall rating. This allows collectors to compete with others who share the same interests with the idea of creating the finest possible set. For purposes of comparison, the Registry also lists some of the finest collections ever assembled, such as Eliasberg, Norweb, and Garrett.

NGC Registry Numbers
NGC's Certified Coin Registry is a community for collectors where their sets can be displayed and ranked according to grade, rarity and other factors. The goal of NGC's Certified Coin Registry is to encourage coin collecting as a hobby, acknowledge the collectors who assemble truly remarkable sets, and inspire beginner hobbyists as they embark on the fun and rewarding hobby of building a coin collection.

NGC's Certified Coin Registry is the most inclusive system of its kind. It ranks coins from both major certification services, NGC and PCGS, so all of the coins in your set will be included.

Your set is ranked according to its true rarity, thanks to our highly accurate weighted ranking system based A value is placed on each coin that is based on the relative rarity of its type, date and grade. This value takes many factors into account such as grade, population, market value, eye appeal and expert opinion. In addition, a coin with the NGC Exclusive Star Designation is automatically assigned a Registry point premium in order to recognize its exceptional eye appeal for the grade. When a set is ranked in the registry, its rank is judged based on the total of the individual scores of all the coins.

NGC, the industry's leading coin certification company, has been the Official Grading Service of the ANA since 1995 and has been the only grading service ever to hold that distinction. With the Certified Coin Registry, brought to you by NGC, you can trust that you are getting the most accurate ranking of your set.

NGC's Certified Coin Registry provides a competitive but fun vehicle for both serious and beginning collectors to gain recognition for the rarity of their sets.

To find out more about NGC's Certified Coin Registry go to
http://www.collectors-society.com/ or call 1-800-587-1897.

Index Number
Heritage has added coin index numbers at the end of each certified coin lot description in this catalog. These index numbers are used in some coin inventory software programs as well as in the bar code of most certified coins.