• Your property will be sold within 60-90 days of retention.
  • As the world's third largest auction house, we will promote your home to our client base of over 850,000 members in over 186 countries worldwide.
  • Setting an auction date creates a sense of urgency that motivates buyers to participate.
  • Selling at auction creates a competitive bidding environment, where fully qualified and motivated buyers participate in a transparent, non-contingent sale.
  • High carrying costs such as mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, HOA dues, membership fees and upkeep expenses will stop.
  • Customized and innovative marketing for your property will have worldwide reach vs. traditional local marketing approaches. A comprehensive plan is created to include direct mail pieces, custom brochures, telemarketing, print and web advertising, email announcements and social media.
  • By structuring the sale, sellers reduce risk and maximize value.
  • By eliminating contract contingencies, potential buyers are required to pre-qualify for financing.

Property Types

Heritage represents luxury properties valued at $2 million and above in the following categories:
  • Primary Residence
  • Mountain
  • Country Club/Golf/Tennis Community
  • Ranch/Equestrian
  • Ocean Front/Beach
  • Metropolitan
  • Ski
  • Lakefront
  • Resort
  • Condominium