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For Sellers

Top 7 Reasons to Sell Your Luxury Property at Auction

Heritage Auctions Offers the Level of Service and Integrity your Luxury Property Deserves

  • #7 True Bidding Wars are Created by Buyers Competing to Win Your Home
  • #6 Buyers Focus on Your Auction Property Instead of Other Listed Homes
  • #5 Carrying Costs are Eliminated in 60-90 Days
  • #4 We Develop Dynamic International Marketing Campaigns Featuring Only Your Property
  • #3 Pre-Qualified Buyers Attend Your Auction Prepared to Buy
  • #2 Properties are Sold “As-Is” with Non-Contingent Cash Closings in 30 Days
  • #1 Competitive Bids Drive Market Value Prices Instead of Individual Buyers Determining the Value of Your Home
For more information and to speak with one of our auction specialists, please call 855-261-0573.

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