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Auction Name: 2021 March 17 - 18 The Donald G. Partrick Collection of Extraordinary Colonial Coinage Featuring New Jersey Coppers Signature Auction

Lot Number: 15483

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Undated (Circa 1776-1820) Great Britain George III Peace Medal, Silver, Jamieson-18, XF40 NGC. McLachlan-CCXCIII, Betts-438, Leroux-832, Breton-10, Adams 7.3. 75 mm. It is believed that roughly 2,000 to 3,125 large-size undated George III Indian peace medals of this type were distributed between 1776 through the first quarter of the 19th century and possibly even into the reign of King William IV. However, most have been lost, either buried with their recipients, traded for other assets, converted to "gorgets and armlets," as McLachlan noted in 1886, or otherwise. John W. Adams (1999) proposes a survivorship of perhaps 250 examples, consisting of three known varieties. Adams 7.3 (Jamieson-18) features his Obverse 3 (seven rivets above the sash) paired with Reverse B (lion's paw above I in HONI). This example is well-worn, slightly porous, and mostly steel-gray but with evidence of gilding around the obverse rim and over the central reverse. Rather than bright or excessively high-grade, this XF40 representative, which is pierced but missing its hanger, appears to have been genuinely distributed and proudly handled for many years.
Ex: Kurt Krueger (6/1983), lot 4226; Anthony Terranova; Donald G. Partrick.

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