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Auction Name: 2021 March 17 - 18 The Donald G. Partrick Collection of Extraordinary Colonial Coinage Featuring New Jersey Coppers Signature Auction

Lot Number: 15485

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1794-Dated Great Britain Peace Medal, Jamieson-19, Silver, VG8 NGC. Leroux-834, Breton-13. 32mm. Edge possibly lettered but too worn to confirm. Victor Morin had this to say in his 1915 treatise, Les Médailles Décernées aux Indiens: "Cette petite médaille de 1794 est très rare" (This small 1794 medal is very rare.). Both Morin and Jamieson believed these diminutive medals were issued in lieu of those originally ordered by John Graves Simcoe, the first Governor of Upper Canada, in 1793, which supposedly featured on one side the Arms of Upper Canada. Conversely, others think this may be some kind of token or club medal. The maker's name, MILLER, appears below the bust, just above the date. Leonard Forrer writes of Miller in Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, Volume 4: "Die-sinker of the latter end of the eighteenth century. I have noticed his signature on a silver Portrait-Jeton of George III., 1794." John Adams rightfully points out in his landmark reference that the two prevailing opinions are not mutually exclusive, and that these may have been designed as club medals and issued as diplomatic gifts to Indigenous allies in North America. Examples are known with plain edges and edges lettered MAY HE EVER REIGN IN THE HEARTS OF HIS PEOPLE. Among them exist pieces that are holed for suspension, and others that are not. This representative, while unholed, is extensively worn with remnants of golden iridescence on the reverse. A few planchet imperfections appear on the obverse, and a pedigree-identifying mark occurs below the G in GRATIA.
Ex: Warren Baker (9/1990); Donald G. Partrick.

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