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Auction Name: Ancient Coin Selections from the Morris Collection, Part I Monthly World and Ancient Coin Auction

Lot Number: 40485

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/271920-40485

Michael VII Ducas (AD 1071-1078) with Maria. AR Miliaresion (26mm, 1.75 gm, 12h). XF, clipped. Constantinople. ЄN T-OVTΩ NIKA-TE-MIXAHL KAI MAPIA, cross crosslet on globus set on four steps, X at center of cross, pellet in crescent on shaft, facing bust of Michael VII, bearded and wearing crown and jeweled chlamys in left field, facing bust of Maria (wife), wearing crown and loros in right field; triple border / MIXAHL / KAI MAPIA / ΠICTOI RA/CILHC PΩ/MAIΩN, legend in five lines; - • - above and below, triple border. Sear 1874.

From the Morris Collection

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