April 15, 2005
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St. Louis Signature Auction Opens!
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Seldom Seen Selections: Original Proof 1867 Nickel with Rays
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Jules Reiver's Coppers at Baltimore EAC Convention
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Collector News
St. Louis Signature Auction Opens!

Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc (HNAI) will hold our upcoming Signature Auction May 4-7 in St. Louis, MO as Official Auctioneer of the Central States Numismatic Society convention.

This auction, consisting of over 5100 lots of high quality coins, features some outstanding anchor collections. The Tom Mershon #2 All-Time Registry Collection of Lincoln Cents is the finest Lincoln Cent registry set to ever be auctioned. We're excited to bring this outstanding collection to market.

Highlights of The Tom Mershon #2 All-Time Registry Collection of Lincoln Wheat Cents include:

Another anchor consignment in this auction is The Milwaukee Shore Collection of Morgan Dollars, assembled by a collector with a very discerning eye, who carefully chose his coins. While pursuing this virtually complete collection, he consistently selected only premium quality examples for the grade that met his standards for lustrous white frosty coins. Most of the coins were purchased between 1988 and 1992, and are being auctioned in their old PCGS "Green Label" holders. Morgan collectors will be very impressed with the outstanding quality of each of the coins offered in this fine collection.

Highlights of The Milwaukee Shore Collection of Morgan Dollars include:

Another exciting aspect of this auction is the inclusion of the Tim Cook Registry Collection of Liberty Seated Dimes, currently ranked on the PCGS Registry as the #2 All-Time Finest and the #2 Current Finest set of Liberty Seated Dimes with Varieties, Circulation Strikes; 1837-1891. Dr. Cook began collecting coins at the age of eight when his Dad gave him his first Whitman folder, containing a few Wheat Cents. From there, his passion for collecting grew, and, after starting his OB/GYN practice in Warsaw, Indiana, he began to seriously pursue Seated Dimes through his contacts with private collectors and specializing dealers. It?s an honor to include this magnificent collection in our auction.

Highlights of the Tim Cook Registry Collection of Liberty Seated Dimes include:

Other featured collections in this auction include the Richard J. Chouinard Collection, Part Four, the Gary Kramer Registry Collection of Washington Quarters, and the Larry Rausch Collection, Part Four.

Of course, a Heritage Signature Auction is never defined solely by its anchor collections; great coins abound, as always. Additional auction highlights include:

This auction is now open for bidding at www.HeritageCoins.com.

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Small Worlds, Numismatic & Otherwise
By Bob Korver

The following actual conversation with Coin and Currency News editor Stewart Huckaby took place on Monday, April 11, at 12:40 Central Time, Sec. 326, Ameriquest Field in Arlington, at the Home Opener of the Texas Rangers. As you can plainly discern the inherent numismatic nature of the discussion, there should be no concern whatsoever about any charges that may or may not appear on my expense account.

  Huckaby: "So I drove up to the ANA."
Korver: "Get anything decent?"
H: "Not quite Found Treasures material, but I'm happy. Two baseball coins I've been looking for for my collection."
K: "Hunh?"
H: "Liberian Nolan Ryan dollar."
K: "Oh. National sport?"
H: "Cuba, Pan-American Games Commem Peso."
K: "They let Fidel win?
H: "Got both from the same dealer for under $20."
K: "Great. That pays for gas."
Conversation pauses as LOUD Beach Boys song is played on PA system. Korver looks up at scoreboard, notices that it displays the name "Los Angeles Angels"
K loudly, over Beach Boys rendition: "I saw the Beach Boys at Anaheim Stadium - um, I mean the stadium where the team formerly known as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim plays."
H: "Yeah?"
K: "Yeah, they had to stop the concert several times because the crowd in the upper deck - like where we are now - was grooving so hard with the beat that the concrete was swaying - bigtime."
H: "Cool. Not quite like the '89 World Series, I guess. I saw the Beach Boys at the Coliseum in LA"
K: "So did I! After a USC homecoming game!"
H: "Against the Cal Bears."
K: "Berkeley has a football team?" (sarcastically)
H: (withering silence)
K: "Were we really at the same game? (seriously)
H: "What year were you there?"
K: "1990?"
H: "How about 1989 or so?"
K: "Sure, why not? Cheerleaders on stage 'Being True to Their School'?"
H: "Yup. Guess we were at the same game. Opposite sides of field."
K: "Amazing."
H: "They filmed the concert and played it as part of a rather dull episode of "Full House", which aired about three weeks later."
K: "Hmm. So, get any more coins in KC?"

PS: The Rangers lost.
PPS: What do I care? I'm a Giants fan! -Ed.

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Seldom Seen Selections: Original Proof 1867 Nickel with Rays

Heritage Numismatic Auctions will offer an 1867 Five-Cent Rays, PR66 Cameo PCGS, in our upcoming Signature Auction, to be held May 4-7, 2005 as part of the Central States Numismatics Society convention to be held in St. Louis, MO.

The original proof strikings of this coin appear to date from February 8, 1867, and it seems that no more than 10 pieces are extant today out of the 25 proofs struck on that date, making this a very rare and desirable piece.

John Dannreuther published a number of diagnostics two years that lead us to conclude that this is an original issue. These are:

  1. left base of 1 over right part of dentil, 7 recut, lower shield clear, full "detached" leaf;
  2. area below right arrow shaft directly behind the arrowhead clear;
  3. upper top left of shield to nearest leaf has small polish lines;
  4. tiny die line through two leaves below the "detached" leaf continuing into the leaf below;
  5. die line from 7th horizontal stripe angling down through several stripes; curly die line from 10th horizontal stripe down through left side of shield ending in the circle;
  6. strong inner left bar to W in WE;
  7. inner right berries recut with tiny polish line from the lower berry to the adjacent leaf;
  8. "detached" lower right part of the left arrow feather.

Apparently there were later restrikings of this coin done under Mint Director Henry Linderman for collectors of the day. Thus, an original striking of this rarity in the year of issue is of particular importance and value to numismatists.

While we cannot say for certain, this particular coin must rank as the finest example known. No Proof 1867 With Rays Nickel surpasses this coin's numerical grade of Proof 66, with or without a Cameo designation. The fields show unfathomable depth of mirrored reflectivity and the devices display snow-white mint frost, which gives the coin a pronounced cameo effect on each side. There are no obvious contact marks on either side, and, as an aid in tracing this important coin's pedigree in the future, we note a short lint mark to the left of the date and a tiny russet-colored spot to the right of the fletchings of the arrow on the right (facing) side of the shield. This is a remarkable opportunity for anyone interested in American coinage.

This coin is open for bidding now at www.HeritageCoins.com.

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Website tips: Inventory Highlights

If you're in the habit of regularly scouring the Heritage inventory, we provide a nice feature for you. Inventory Highlights — a section covering specialized types of inventory — appears right at the bottom of the home page, with links that will take you to whatever kind of inventory you're interested in.

Make an Offer takes you to coins that have been in inventory for a long time, at least a month. We'd rather sell them than hang onto them, so you may be able to find a nice bargain here. Weekly Specials are uncommonly nice opportunities that we're able to pass along. We post these every Wednesday, but be quick or they'll disappear! JH Exceptional coins are coins that are uncommonly nice for the grade. Finally, New Items This Week will show you everything that has been available for less than a week. Check this often to see what we've added!

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Numismatic Glossary:

Tax Token: A token used to pay sales tax, often in denominations of less than one cent. These tokens were issued by a number of states and some municipalities. Many such tokens, although obsolete, are quite common.

Junk: Numismatic term referring to common, low grade (or Average Circulated) coins. This is not to say that junk is uncollectible; in fact, "junk" coins can provide the opportunity for someone to enjoy numismatics on a very modest budget. Cherry-pickers love dealers' junk boxes, as occasionally a nice unrecognized variety or even a rare date may turn up. In numismatics as much as anywhere, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

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Summer Interns Wanted!

Heritage Rare Coin Galleries and Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. are now accepting applications for interns for next summer. Here's your chance to work for the world's largest Rare Coin Dealer. If you are at least 18 years old, attending school and have a good background in numismatics, then join us in Dallas for the summer! Contact Paul@HeritageCoin.com with an informal resume of your experience and any accomplishments in numismatics.

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Jules Reiver's Coppers at Baltimore EAC Convention

Jules Reiver, who died early in 2004, was a numismatist's numismatist. An avid collector for many years in many different numismatic arenas, he specialized in early copper and silver coinage. His variety collections in all series from Half Cents through Bust Dollars were very nearly complete. Jules was also an active collector of die states, an area little appreciated today. As an author, he updated the classic Bolender reference The United States Early Silver Dollars, 1794 to 1803 and co-wrote the Attribution Guide For United States Large Cents, 1840-1857, now the standard reference in this field. He also wrote the Variety Identification Manual for United States Reeded Edge Half Dollars 1836-1839, still the standard in this field.

During his lifetime in the hobby, Mr. Reiver amassed a tremendous collection. It is Heritage's great honor to be able to offer this collection in a stand-alone auction to take place in our Dallas Headquarters on November 8-12. All lots will be offered without reserve.

Because of the scope of the collection, we will be taking highlights to numismatists around the country over the next few months. Attendees of the Early American Coppers convention in Annapolis, Maryland, April 21-23 will be able to examine Mr. Reiver's Half Cents and Large Cents before the coins are sent to the grading services. After that, we'll be showing highlights at our June Long Beach, July New York City, August San Francisco/ANA and November Palm Beach Auctions.

Stay tuned for more information about this collection as it becomes available!

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Coin Club Outreach Program

In a move to help strengthen the coin hobby and increase membership in America's coin clubs, Heritage has created the Coin Club Outreach program.

The Coin Club Outreach program features a speaker's bureau to deliver presentations at coin club meetings, promotional items to be offered to clubs to help generate revenue and enlist new members, and access to the Heritage website and mailing list of over 100,000 active coin and currency enthusiasts. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for a coin club or other collector group is invited to contact:

David Lisot, Director
Heritage Coin Club Outreach
1-800-872-6467 ext. 303

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Heritage Interactive
Instant Quiz

NEW: Instant quizzes and polls twice a week at www.heritagecoins.com!

Answer these quick questions and see how you stack up against your peers.

1. What was the highest mintage commemorative Half Dollar minted in 1936?
       1936-S Bay Bridge
       1936 Cleveland
       1936 Gettysburg
       1936 Long Island
       1936-D San Diego

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?


Last week's questions:

1. Which of the following Fractional Currency denominations never featured a portrait of George Washington?
Correct Answer: : 15 cents (34%).

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?

Correct Answer: 1828 (36%). This is, of course, the 12 Stars variety.

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Is It Time To Sell?

Long Beach Then and Now

Our February Long Beach Signature Auction, which took place on February 23-26, was our best ever as official auctioneer of the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo, realizing over $17 million. Total proceeds for the weekend exceeded over $18 million, after adding our Bullet Auction, which brought in over $1 million in its own right. 2005 is already proving to be our best year ever with one strong sale following another.

Here at Heritage we're not about to rest on our laurels. In June, we're returning to Long Beach, bringing more great coins to an appreciative public in Southern California and to our base of over 140,000 Internet Bidders. The offerings in our June Long Beach Signature Auction, to take place on June 1-4, will again be outstanding. While our Signature Auctions are known for their quality, sometimes a coin comes along that makes us say, "Wow," and we have such a coin in this auction. For the first time, it will be our privilege to offer an example of the legendary 1838-O Half Dollar at a public auction. Graded Proof-64 by PCGS, this fabulous coin is one of perhaps ten pieces known, with none certified finer by either grading service.

To include your important coins in our Long Beach Signature Auction, please call our Consignor Hotline at 1-800-872-6467, x222. The consignment deadline for US coins is April 21, so please call today!!

2005 June Long Beach Signature Sale
Sale on June 1 to June 4, 2005
Consignment Deadline: April 21, 2005

Leo Frese
Director of Consignments
1-800-US-COINS ext. 222 (24 hour voice mail)

Interested in Selling?
What's My Coin Worth?
Get the Most Money for Your Collection
Consign to a Heritage Auction

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Rare Coins
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