May 27, 2005
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A Potpourri of World Rarities
The Dr. Kurt Peters Collection
Seldom Seen Selections: 1834 Capped Head Half Eagle
Found Treasures: Leopold the Hogmouth
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Collector News
A Potpourri of World Rarities

Our latest Heritage World Coin Auctions Signature Auction on June 2 & 3, 2005 will take place in Long Beach, California. Heritage is the official auctioneer at the Long Beach Coin Expo.

The centerpiece of this auction is the Tortuga Collection of Latin American Coinage. This magnificent collection includes a fantastic run of Bolivian coinage, featuring more than 200 cobs from the reigns of Philip II through Charles III - and highlighted by an astonishing seven Royal cobs! Also included are major selections from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Spain, with smaller specialty collections of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Students of the coinage of the Caribbean often have to wait decades for such an incredible opportunity as this, which is sure to generate quite a bit of bidding frenzy.

This auction also spotlights an extensive collection of 250+ Germanic coins, including 15 multiple talers. "I have attended many important auctions acclaimed for the depth of their offering in which you could count their multiple talers on one hand!" said Warren Tucker, director of HWCA. In addition, we are offering one of our absolutely favorite English gold rarities, the Triple Unite of 1642-1644, headlining an impressive list of 200+ English coins, and part of a larger grouping of 400+ coins of the Commonwealth. Valued at sixty shillings - or three pounds - the Triple Unite is the highest denomination of English hammered coinage. It was only minted during England's Civil War, and shows Charles I on the obverse holding his sword and an olive branch, symbolizing his desire for peace.

Highlights of this auction include:

Our next auction of quality World material is scheduled to take place in Long Beach, CA on September 21-24. To consign, please call Warren Tucker at 1-800-872-6467, x287, or Scott Cordry at 1-800-872-6467, x369. today!

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The Dr. Kurt Peters Collection

Heritage is pleased to be presenting the Dr. Kurt Peters Collection in our upcoming Long Beach Signature Auctions. Dr. Peters' collecting interests literally span the numismatic globe, with coins from all over the world in our HWCA Signature Auction joining a fine selection of US coinage in our Heritage Signature Auction. Both auctions will take place in Long Beach on June 2-3.

Dr. Peters has collected many types of coins, but a look at his collections shows a tremendous selection of gold coinage. Perhaps the gem of this collection - in a literal sense given its grade - is his proof 1899 Liberty Eagle, a dramatically contrasted beauty with the miniscule mintage one might expect from any 19th century proof gold coin. This collection also has outstanding selections of early Half Eagles and Eagles, along with quite a number of Three Dollar Gold Pieces and commemoratives.

Highlights from the Dr. Kurt Peters Collection in our Long Beach Signature Auction include:

Dr. Peters' collection of world coinage encompasses coins from over 50 countries around the world. His interests in world coinage are obviously greatly varied, as the two major strengths of his world coin collection are his German States material and a fine selection of rare modern gold. The Italian States, Austria, France, Great Britain, Mexico and even ancient coins are also well represented. Highlights of his world coins include:

Bidding on this collection - in both Long Beach Signature Auctions - is now open at!

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Seldom Seen Selections: 1834 Capped Head Half Eagle

Heritage will offer an extremely rare 1834 Capped Head Half Eagle, graded MS64 by NGC, in our upcoming Signature Auction, to be held June 2-3, 2005 as part of the official auction of the Long Beach Coin Expo.

This is only the seventh time we have handled an 1834 Capped Head half eagle in the past dozen years. Prior to the present offering, only two of those were Mint State, and this example is clearly the finest we have ever offered. Considering all varieties, NGC has certified five examples in MS64 grade and a single Gem MS65 coin.

By 1834, and actually long before, it was realized that gold coinage production could not continue as it had, for the gold content actually exceeded the face value. Congress passed new legislation lowering the weight of all our gold coinage, promoting renewed circulation. The Act of June 28, 1834, which was to take effect on August 1, specified a new weight of 129 grains of standard gold for the half eagle. The same Act specified that half eagles coined previously were to be receivable at the rate of 94.8 cents per pennyweight, or $5.095 each, very nearly the actual gold value at the time. At the time, the Bechtler family, producers of private gold coinage in the Carolinas, adjusted the weight of their own coinage to meet the Federal standard.

Few examples of the 1834 Capped Head half eagle survive today, and seldom are they found any nicer than this. It is a very sharply struck example with fully brilliant, prooflike surfaces and excellent cameo contrast. The surfaces have bright greenish-gold color with only a few tiny blemishes.

Searching for pedigrees can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when the coin is nice enough to have few visible pedigree markers. Such is the case here, although we believe that this is the Garrett Collection specimen. There is a faint patch of roughness at the left top of C and the right top of A in AMERICA. These appear to match the plate in the Garrett catalog. Similar patches appear above the I in UNITED and above OF, as well as the lower point of star 12 on the obverse, also all matching the Garrett photo. A faint scratch in the right obverse field, one of the few blemishes on this coin, is also visible on the color plate of that catalog.

This is a wonderful opportunity for some lucky numismatist to add this exceptional coin to his or her collection, an opportunity that may not present itself again for quite some time.

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Found Treasures: Leopold the Hogmouth
by Stewart Huckaby

Like virtually any coin dealer anywhere, we get repeated questions about coins from the public, usually having to do with whether someone's treasure is actually worth anything. While the vast majority of material people ask about has little value and little interest, every so often there is either a nice collection or at least an interesting story to tell. Here's an e-mail we received recently:

Two months ago while working in my back yard, I was planting palm trees. I have always found coin after coin in my dirt. My home was built from 1813-1835, years before the Mississippi River would flow over this part of land.

I found a coin that can't be located in any book at all. Perhaps maybe you can tell me what it is. It has 16 with a royal crown then 92 with ARCHIDVX.AVS.DVX.BVR.MAR.Mor.CO.TY. with a coat of arms. There is a K under the left sword and a B under some strange staff on the right. On the opposite side, the coin has the lettering LEOPOLDVS with a strange symbol, then DG.RO.I.S.AVG.GER with another strange small symbol, then the letters HV.BO.REX. Within the center there is a big male with long hair.

On each side of the coin it has line markings like a quarter would have on the edge but these are on the face side. The coin is Larger than a silver dollar but thinner. I have found some coins in books that had coat of arms, but not this type of a coin.

I first thought it was just a Mardi Gras Silver Doubloon, until I showed my father the coin. My father stated that REX stands for King but is not sure what the rest means.

Could you be so kind to email me any information as to what this coin is?

Fortunately, this is a coin that did not take a great deal of time to identify. The ARCHIDVX.AVS legend was enough by itself to identify it as from Austria-Hungary, and the rest of this quite excellent description made identification down to the mint that produced the coin rather easy. Rest assured that we wish every description we received had this level of detail!

I answered:

I think you've found a fairly interesting coin, and it would probably have quite a story to tell if it could talk. Chances are that it was a pocket piece that fell out of the pocket in question at an inopportune time.

Your coin is probably a 1692 Thaler from Hungary, specifically from the Kremnitz mint (the KB mintmark). It depicts Leopold I the Hogmouth, so named for reasons that should be obvious if your coin still shows any detail on his face.

The Habsburg dynasty in Europe had a congenital enlargement of the lower jaw, known as Mandibular prognathism or colloquially as Habsburg jaw. The sheer volume of coinage minted with Leopold's image over his reign of well over 40 years makes him, almost literally, the poster child for this deformity, although a number of Spanish monarchs who were not depicted on their coinage were affected.

Leopold the Hogmouth coinage is quite common, but Thalers are less so than lower denominations, and Thalers are also popular because of their size. My guess is that your coin would likely retail for between $20 and $300, depending on condition. Cleaned and damaged pieces are worth significantly less, and after having been in the ground, there is a significant chance that your coin would have suffered some environmental damage.

Coincidentally, we had offered another of these coins at auction in our September 2004 Long Beach Auction, and this is the coin that is pictured above. This particular coin, grading a nice VF-XF, had realized $230. Smaller denomination Leopold I coinage can be quite inexpensive and is some of the more prevalent coinage available from the late 17th Century.

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Website tips: Heritage Now Accepts PayPal

We are pleased to announce that doing business with us just got easier now that we accept PayPal payments on-line. Just follow the link from your invoice, or log-into MyInvoices on our website, verify the invoice is accurate, select PayPal as your payment option and hit Submit. When you log-into your PayPal account or set-up a new one, the invoice will be there ready to be processed. As soon as we verify the payment, your order will ship.

We accept PayPal payments of up to $10,000 from non-dealers at our discretion. At this time, PayPal is only available for auction invoices. Look for it for inventory purchases soon!

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Numismatic Glossary:

Type coin:

  1. A coin likely destined for a type set. Usually a high grade, common coin.
  2. A coin from a type not popularly collected by date.

Counterstamp: A marking put onto a coin after minting with the intention of adding information. Counterstamps were often officially put onto coins to mark them as being legal tender, change their value, or both. Private counterstamps may take many forms, often having a commercial meaning. The CAL on the 1848 CAL quarter eagle is a counterstamp. Also countermark.

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Summer Interns Wanted!

Heritage Rare Coin Galleries and Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. are now accepting applications for interns for next summer. Here's your chance to work for the world's largest Rare Coin Dealer. If you are at least 18 years old, attending school and have a good background in numismatics, then join us in Dallas for the summer! Contact with an informal resume of your experience and any accomplishments in numismatics.

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Coin Club Outreach Program

In a move to help strengthen the coin hobby and increase membership in America's coin clubs, Heritage has created the Coin Club Outreach program.

The Coin Club Outreach program features a speaker's bureau to deliver presentations at coin club meetings, promotional items to be offered to clubs to help generate revenue and enlist new members, and access to the Heritage website and mailing list of over 100,000 active coin and currency enthusiasts. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for a coin club or other collector group is invited to contact:

David Lisot, Director
Heritage Coin Club Outreach
1-800-872-6467 ext. 303

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Heritage Interactive
Instant Quiz

NEW: Instant quizzes and polls twice a week at!

Answer these quick questions and see how you stack up against your peers.

1. Which of the following Peace Dollars has the highest mintage?

2. What is the denomination of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?

Half Dime
Half Dollar

Last week's questions:

1. The word VIGO appears below Queen Anne's head on some British silver coinage dated 1702 and 1703. What does VIGO refer to?
Correct Answer: The source of the silver in the coins (38%). This is in direct reference to silver bullion captured from Spanish galleons in Vigo Bay, near Spain. One would imagine that the cause of friendly foreign relations was not exactly served by these coins.

2. What is the origin of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?

Correct Answer: New Jersey (45%).

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Is It Time To Sell?

A Second California Gold Rush

The American Numismatic Association, the world's largest numismatic organization, is bringing its annual convention to San Francisco this July! Heritage has once again been selected as the official auctioneer, making this Heritage's 33rd selection as the Official Auctioneer of the ANA.

We expect to see hundreds of records established at the 2005 ANA. In this sizzling market, with the ANA audience competing against our 140,000+ registered Internet bidder-members, only Heritage reaches every part of this hot market. Take advantage of our marketing strengths and Internet leadership by consigning today, and maximize your audience and your proceeds!

Millions of dollars of consignments are already on hand, so you know that the attention of the numismatic world will be focused on Heritage's San Francisco ANA Signature Auction. When the time comes to sell your coins and currency, you want to choose the one firm that attracts the most bidders and the highest prices - Heritage. Why would you want to sell your coins and currency anywhere else?

The June 16th deadline is quickly approaching, so act quickly. Call our consignor hotline at 1-800-872-6467, extension 222, today!

2005 San Francisco, CA (ANA) Signature Auction
Sale on July 27 to July 30, 2005
Consignment Deadline: June 16, 2005

Leo Frese
Director of Consignments
1-800-US-COINS ext. 222 (24 hour voice mail)

Interested in Selling?
What's My Coin Worth?
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Consign to a Heritage Auction

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