July 15, 2005
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The San Francisco ANA Signature Auction is Open!
The Edward O'Neill Collection of Liberty Double Eagles
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Collector News
The San Francisco ANA Signature Auction is Open!

Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc., the Official Auctioneer of the American Numismatic Association's 2005 San Francisco World's Fair of MoneyTM convention, has posted our Signature Auction catalog at HeritageCoins.com. The auction is now open and available for bidding by our 150,000+ registered bidder-members.

This will be an amazing auction. The auction starts on Wednesday evening, and our incredible Platinum Night session will take place on Thursday evening, July 28th. Among the auction highlights can be found some simply astonishing items, such as a complete ten-piece Proof Set from 1843, or a 1792 Half Disme NGC MS 63, an 1841 Quarter Eagle certified by NGC as PR65 Ultra Cameo, a 1907 $10 Rolled Edge certified MS66 PCGS, or the #1 first-struck Panama-Pacific set. Our consignors have entrusted Heritage with many treasures.

Ten Piece 1843 Proof Set PR62 to PR64 NGC. Accompanied by Original Case
The ten-piece 1843 Proof Set, with its original case, is one of only two known complete. The coins have been certified by NGC as PR62 to PR64. The set was possibly presented by President Tyler to an unknown dignitary, and its pedigree includes such luminaries as Winsor, Chapman Brothers, David, B. Max Mehl; Stoddard; Colonel E.H.R. Green; Neil, and Amon G. Carter Jr. and Sr. What fabled history!

This set consists of:

1843 Half Cent: Original. PR62 BN NGC, Breen-1. Large Berries in the wreath

1843 Cent: PR64 BN NGC, Newcomb-14

1843 Half Dime: PR64 NGC

1843 Dime: PR64 NGC

1843 Quarter: PR64 NGC

1843 Half Dollar: PR63 NGC

1843 Silver Dollar: PR62 NGC

1843 Quarter Eagle: PR64 Cameo NGC

1843 Half Eagle: PR64 Cameo NGC

1843 Eagle: PR63 Cameo NGC
1792 Half Disme, Judd-7, Pollock-7, R.4, MS63 NGC
The 1792 Half Disme is one of the fabled issues in American numismatics. This is one of the most significant and historically important coins produced by our young Federal government - in fact, it is truly the first documented coin issue of the United States. The names of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton swirl through the story, as do Mount Vernon, Monticello, Philadelphia, New York. This could well be one of the coins that Jefferson is believed to have delivered to Washington at Mount Vernon on his way from Monticello to Philadelphia.

1915-S Panama-Pacific Set NGC
Who can fail to be interested in the very first 1915-S Panama-Pacific Set to be struck? These wonderful coins are accompanied by documentation asserting their claim to first striking, as well as many other fascinating items. The grades are also sure to please: Half Dollar, MS65 NGC; Gold Dollar, MS66 NGC; $2.50 MS65 NGC; $50 Round, MS64 NGC; $50 Octagonal, MS63 NGC; and they are also accompanied by an interesting 1915 Florida Exposition Fund Medal, HK-404, MS65 NGC. All the specimens were placed in a special gold presentation case by Shreve & Co.

Half Dollar. MS65 NGC.

Gold Dollar. MS66 NGC

Quarter Eagle. MS65 NGC

Fifty Dollar Round. MS64 NGC

Fifty Dollar Octagonal. MS63 NGC

1915 Florida Exposition Fund Medal
1841 $2.50 PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC
Another major American rarity in our ANA Signature Auction is the 1841 proof Quarter Eagle is the so-called "Little Princess". There was no record of its mintage in the Annual Report of the Director of the Mint for 1841, although one example was included in the Mint Cabinet that ultimately was transferred to the Smithsonian Institution. While some numismatists suggested that the 1841 Quarter Eagle was actually produced in 1842, its inclusion in the Eckfeldt and Dubois reference proves otherwise. Numismatists looking for an important research project should note that the reverse of both this 1841 Quarter Eagle and the 1843 Proof Quarter Eagle, also offered in this ANA auction, are both from the same die (as was a Proof 1846 Quarter Eagle). This masterpiece's pedigree includes Bass, Menjou, Schermerhorn, Friedberg, and Graves; the new owner will be able to add his name to this illustrious list!
1907 $10 Rolled Edge, MS66 PCGS
Unlike the 1907 Wire Rim, the 1907 Rolled Edge Eagle was intended by the Mint for general circulation. Probably 31,550 pieces were minted, but all were melted except for 42 examples - saved either through the Assay Commission or through collectors with inside connections at the Mint. This is an incredibly important coin for the advanced Indian Eagle collector.

Our 2005 ANA Signature Auction features an incredibly strong list of anchor consignments among our 200+ consignors. The William Bickel Collection contains a large number of simply astonishing high-quality Lincoln Cents. The Alan Bingel Collection of Gold & Silver Ingots contains exciting examples of this once neglected (but now so important) area of numismatics - and this is just Part One. Previous issues of Coin and Currency News have featured The Great Western Collection of Territorial Gold, one of the strongest ever formed, with many of the pieces coming to market for the first time in three decades; The Melrose Bay Collection, with one wonderful type coin after another, the results of a multi-generational family effort; and The Robert Moreno Collection of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, full of "Finest Known" and "Tied for Finest Known" specimens, and so impressive that it leads off our Platinum night offerings. This week, we feature The Edward O'Neill Collection of Liberty Double Eagles, a wonderful specialized collection of Type One examples. Finally, Dr. John L. Pellegrini's Collection of Liberty Seated Dollars, which we will feature in detail next week, is a perfect example of what can be accomplished over many years with a discerning eye and absolute dedication.

Additional ANA Signature Auction highlights:

The San Francisco ANA Signature Auction is open for Internet bidding now at HeritageCoins.com. Floor sessions will take place on July 27-29 in San Francisco.

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The Edward O'Neill Collection of Liberty Double Eagles

Edward O'Neill has been repairing cars since 1969, and with his growing experience and expertise, ever finer cars came to be returned to health. His thriving business, O'Neill's Auto Body & Repair Inc. is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and now specializes in collision repair and restoration of luxury marques like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW.

In many ways, his numismatic pursuits reflected his same attention to detail and desire to work with the finest available. When Mr. O'Neill first started collecting coins twenty years ago, he focused on silver dollars, then moved on to gold coins. He ultimately focused on Type One Liberty Double Eagles, as they possessed every attribute of beauty, rarity, and challenge that he could desire.

For nearly a decade, Mr. O'Neill has been pursuing these early Twenties; first the O-mints, then the overdates and varieties. His initial goal was to complete the Type Ones as much as possible, but always concentrating on Condition Census coins. When only a "run of the mill rarity" was available, he traded up as soon as possible. The results of his prodigious efforts are self evident in this auction.

Heritage is proud to offer the cream of Mr. O'Neill's collection on July 28, during Platinum Night of our San Francisco ANA Signature Auction. These seven coins, all of condition census quality, represent the keen eye and tastes of this discriminating collector.

1850-O $20 MS60 NGC.
The first year of issue for this denomination from the New Orleans Mint, this New Orleans issue saw heavy commercial use, and precious few were saved in grades even approaching mint state. A glance at the Population reports confirms this. PCGS has yet to grade even a single coin of this date in any grade of Mint State, while NGC has graded just 5 examples at that level, three as MS60, one as MS61 and the best as MS62. The strike is generally sharp save for the uppermost hair curls. The delightful bright yellow-gold surfaces are quite lustrous in the fields and show the scattered handling ticks expected for the grade.
1853 $20 MS63 NGC.
Although relatively common in circulated grades, only about two dozen of these coins are known in the various grades of Uncirculated. The typical Mint State example grades MS60-61 and is characterized by bright but extensively bagmarked surfaces. In MS63, this is a legitimately rare coin and it is an issue that is almost never seen better, as evidenced by the fact that only two coins have been encapsulated with finer grades. This issue and should be strongly considered by the quality-conscious date collector. Sharply struck with light, attractive reddish-gold and pink coloration overall, this coin is typically lustrous for the date, yet surprisingly free from abrasions for the grade.
1853/2 $20 MS61 S.S. Central America PCGS.
The importance of this offering should be immediately apparent to anyone remotely familiar with U.S. gold. This is one of three MS61 examples, and is bettered by the single MS62 (the finest known) at either service, a coin we offered in our 2004 FUN Signature Sale. The 1853/2 is the only recognized overdate in the entire Liberty Double Eagle series. It wasn't discovered until 1959 and only began to be widely recognized in the early 1980s. By then, of the coins that were still in existence, a great many had been ravaged by cleaning or were only available in VF-XF condition. This is a well defined piece (save for stars 11, 12, and 13) whose satiny mint luster is interrupted only by the presence of numerous small abrasions scattered over each side.
1858 $20 MS63 NGC.
With the second lowest mintage of any P-mint Double Eagle from the 1850s, the 1858 is typically encountered in grades that range from XF40 through AU58. There are only 39 Mint State survivors at NGC and PCGS, a few of which may represent resubmissions. This Select BU survivor is tied for finest certified honors with four similarly graded PCGS coins. This is a satiny, semi-prooflike piece with a needle sharp strike and remarkably few obverse abrasions for the assigned grade.
1860-O $20 AU58 NGC.
Some 85-95 1860-O Double Eagles are known in all grades with approximately 17-22 of these grading About Uncirculated and none at all known in any Mint State grade. When an AU coin is available, it tends to be a low-end example with heavily abraded surfaces and poor eye appeal. This piece has an exceptionally strong strike for the date, with the only weakness on the left obverse stars. Although bearing the light wear typical of the AU58 grade, this piece has remarkably few abrasions.
1862 $20 MS64 NGC. The Finest Known.
Although any Double eagle from 1862 is extremely rare in mint condition, this is a simply stunning example of this date, boasting radiant mint luster throughout and exemplary surfaces for a double eagle of this era. This is the only MS64 graded by either grading service with none finer. The strike is typically strong, as nearly always seen on double eagles of this period. There are a few trivial handling ticks and scuffs within the obverse fields, but Liberty's broad cheek and neck are free of all but the most minor nicks, and the reverse fields and devices are a delight.
1865 $20 MS63 PCGS.
This is a genuinely rare issue in Uncirculated condition with only a dozen or so pieces known, only four of which bear higher grades than this Select example. The Dallas Bank Collection and the Bass Collection, both of which contained numerous exceptional coins, both lacked an Uncirculated example of this date. Bearing only the abrasions typical of the grade, this sharply struck coin bears a bright, satiny luster.

Bidding on these fabulous coins is open now at www.HeritageCoins.com.

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Website tips: Adjust Your Coin Images

Heritage Numismatic Auctions is once again proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation. At the Heritage website, enlargeable images have long been posted on web pages for every individual coin up for auction or sale. Now, visitors to the site have even more options for viewing Heritage coins in better detail and with optimal contrast.

The "Pan and Zoom" feature allows users to take a much closer look at a lot than is possible with a simple JPG image. Collectors can click on any image in order to see the coin in as much detail as they wish. Five different resolution settings allow the user to focus on any part of the coin they want to examine, without having to reload the page. By dragging the coin's image within the Pan and Zoom box, users can focus on only the part of the coin they wish to view rather than having to scan a potentially enormous image for the particular part of the coin they wish to examine.



Many older coins can be quite dark, and images sometimes will not reflect the details of darker coins without lightening. Sometimes, an image of a particularly bright coin may be difficult to see without darkening the image a bit. Now, each Heritage item equipped with Pan and Zoom has a feature called "Darken/Lighten These Images" that allows users to adjust the coin's image to exactly their taste. Six brightness settings are available, ranging from normal to a setting that will allow the user to study every detail on even the darkest copper coin.



Between the Pan and Zoom and Lighten These Images features, Heritage provides thirty different settings for its users to view coins. Users have more options with the Heritage site than ever before.

Macromedia Flash must be installed in order to use the Pan and Zoom feature, and a high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended. Some computers may not be able to take full advantage of the feature. Users unable to use Pan and Zoom have the option to turn off the feature with one click, allowing them to see Heritage's enlargeable JPG images.

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Numismatic Glossary:

Adjustment Mark: Planchets used to be filed in order to reduce their weight to the proper standard. Marks left over from this process after striking are called adjustment marks, and can be rather dramatic on some early US type coins.

Bagmark: Marks appearing on a coin as a result of ordinary contact with other coins in a mint (or other) bag.

Reeding Mark: Short parallel marks on a coin?s surface as a result of the coin?s contact with the reeded edge of another coin. Also milling mark.

Roller Mark: Parallel marks appearing on some coins which are a result of the process of rolling a strip of metal into the proper thickness for planchets. Ordinarily the striking process obliterates these marks, but sometimes they continue to show through on the struck coin. Common on Morgan Dollars.

Countermark: A counterstamp.

Deutsche Mark: A former unit of currency of the German Federal Republic. Now superseded by the Euro.

Reichsmark: A former unit of currency in Germany, 1925-1945.

Mark Van Winkle and Mark Borckardt: Heritage coin catalogers.

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Coin Club Outreach Program

In a move to help strengthen the coin hobby and increase membership in America's coin clubs, Heritage has created the Coin Club Outreach program.

The Coin Club Outreach program features a speaker's bureau to deliver presentations at coin club meetings, promotional items to be offered to clubs to help generate revenue and enlist new members, and access to the Heritage website and mailing list of over 100,000 active coin and currency enthusiasts. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for a coin club or other collector group is invited to contact:

David Lisot, Director
Heritage Coin Club Outreach
1-800-872-6467 ext. 303

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Heritage Interactive
Instant Quiz

NEW: Instant quizzes and polls twice a week at www.heritagecoins.com!

Answer these quick questions and see how you stack up against your peers.

1. Other than the 1921 issues, what was the lowest mintage Walking Liberty Half Dollar?
       1917-D Obverse

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?


Last week's questions:

1. Which of the following had the highest mintage?
Correct Answer: 1971-D Half Dollar (19%).

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?

Correct Answer: 1909 (41%). The 1909-O Half Eagle is the only New Orleans-minted coin in any Indian Head Gold series.

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Is It Time To Sell?

The Beach is Long, and the Time is Right

As official auctioneer of the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo, we've been proud to sell over $30 million in great coins already this year. Rarities such as an uncirculated 1794 Dollar, a 1838-O Half Dollar, and the finest known British 1643 Charles I Triple Unite have made headlines throughout the numismatic world.

Now, once again in September, Heritage is proud to bring more great US coins, World Coins, and Currency to our finest customers through the proven venue of the Long Beach show. We are thrilled to have outstanding collections of Colonial coinage, Half Dimes, Washington Quarters, and Illinois Nationals, as well as numismatic Washingtonia, already consigned to these auctions. If you have material to sell, give us a call and take this opportunity to participate in these auctions. The time is right!

Where else can you reach a base of over 150,000 registered Internet bidders from all over the world, as well as an appreciative audience of collectors and dealers on site at the show - in the midst of one of the hottest numismatic markets we've ever seen? Contact us today, and find out how we can help you get the most from your material.

The consignment deadlines are August 4 for Currency and World Coins, and August 11 for US Coins. Call us today to ensure that you can take full advantage of this opportunity!

2005 September Long Beach Signature Auction
Sale on September 21 to September 24, 2005
Consignment Deadline: August 11, 2005

2005 September (CAA) Long Beach Signature Auction
Sale on September 23 to September 24, 2005
Consignment Deadline: August 4, 2005

2005 (HWCA) Long Beach Signature Auction
Sale on September 21 to September 24, 2005
Consignment Deadline: August 4, 2005

Leo Frese
Director of Consignments
1-800-US-COINS ext. 222 (24 hour voice mail)

Interested in Selling?
What's My Coin Worth?
Get the Most Money for Your Collection
Consign to a Heritage Auction

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Auction Dates: July 27-29, 2005
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Location: San Francisco, CA
Auction: Platinum Night Signature Auction #382
Auction Dates: July 28, 2005
Note: Internet Absentee Bidding Ends at 10 PM CT the night before the floor session of any particular lot.

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