August 12, 2005
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The Oak Collection of American Colonial Coinage
Found Treasures: The One That Was Thrown Away
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Collector News
The Oak Collection of American Colonial Coinage

Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. proudly presents The Oak Collection of American Colonial Coinage in our Long Beach Signature Auction on Sept. 21-24, 2005

The consignor of the Oak Collection has been pursuing American Colonial coins for nearly half a century. He bought his first piece more than 45 years ago, seeking the excitement of owning an important piece of early American history; that same excitement has remained part of his lifelong commitment. As his sophistication grew in this significant area of American numismatics, he gravitated to areas that were less researched and underappreciated, as the joy of discovery became more important than that of acquisition. Of course, with approximately 500 pieces, there was abundant opportunity for the joy of acquiring this comprehensive collection of America's first coins.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this fabulous collection of early Americana:

Alongside the wonderful rarities of the Oak Collection of American Colonial Coinage this auction will feature the magnificent collection of Half Dimes assembled by William Harmon and the Type coins of the Thomas Wolfe Collection. More than $10 million in consigned coins is already on hand.

This auction will post soon for bidding at

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Found Treasures: The One That Was Thrown Away
by Stewart Huckaby

Recently, we've run a couple of articles about every collector's nightmare, the one that got away. Maybe Mom decided that your baseball cards or comic books were a waste of space; maybe you thought that spending your collection was more important than saving it for a rainy day. Here are some stories that our readers tell:

SY in Missouri tells of the extensive 1960's era baseball card collection. Besides including every St. Louis Cardinal card of the time, other valuable cards included several Mantles and Koufaxes, along with several Nolan Ryan rookie cards. Unfortunately, the collection met its fate when the family moved, and his Dad, an avid fisherman, threw out everything that seemed to take up too much space, including the collection. In later days, even reconstructing the Cardinals team sets has proven both difficult and expensive.

DD in Louisiana tells of the time he unsuccessfully offered an 1877 Cent on eBay. He decided to hold the coin back until it would again become fresh, and he put it away. A year later when it came time to sell it again, it was gone, and no amount of searching could locate it. Was it unwittingly sent as a bonus along with someone else's eBay win? We'll never know.

BR in Illinois is a young numismatist whose favorite coin is his 1885 Liberty Nickel. He decided to keep it in an apparently safe place, and he even cut a hole into one of his books where the coin would be protected. Unfortunately, a charity book drive came around, and? well, you guessed the rest. His Mom threw out his 1885 Nickel. BR, I feel your pain.

Because we're all collectors, we all have stories about the one that was thrown away. If you have a good one, send it along to me at, and hopefully we'll get a chance to mention it in a future issue of Coin and Currency News.

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Website Tips: Recent Developments

Here are some of the recent significant updates and changes that have happened on the Heritage websites...

  1. Reserve Disclosure. Reserves are now fully disclosed once posted. The current bid is calculated without considering the reserve - until the reserve is actually met. Modified the search_items page to display the reserve on items with unmet reserves.
  2. Accepting Paypal Payments. We now accept Paypal on our websites as valid payment for auction invoices.
  3. My Notes. Launched "My Notes", giving anyone signed in to any page in MyBids or looking at a view_item page the ability to add and view notes.
  4. Batch Tracking. You can now enter multiple lots by hand and with one click have all of them tracked on the web site, making batch bidding on all of these lots easier.
  5. Featured Items. Featured items are now advertised on the home pages, the catalog pages, the search page and the view item page. The search has also been modified to allow a featured items search.

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Numismatic Glossary:

Dipped: A coin which has been cleaned in a soap solution is said to have been dipped. This process involves quickly immersing, or dipping, the coin into the solution and then immediately removing it. The result is a coin recolored to nearly its original brightness with any toning, attractive or unattractive, removed.

Many numismatists feel that dipping an uncirculated coin is acceptable within limits, although there are others who make a point of collecting coins that obviously have natural toning. The term "dipped" is not necessary in, say, a catalog description of a coin, unless dipping or overdipping has caused noticeable dulling of lustre, or an otherwise unnatural appearance (typically on copper coins). The practice of dipping coins is not advisable, except by bonafide experts, and then only on rare occasions.

Charter Number: A number assigned to National Banks under the National Bank Note system. This number was unique to the bank and remained the same even if the bank's name or city changed. This number appears in at least two places on all National Bank Notes.

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Help Wanted: Internet Sales

Heritage is looking for someone to help us with Internet coin sales. If you have computer and Internet skills, and know coins, please contact This is a Dallas-based position.

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Coin Club Outreach Program

In a move to help strengthen the coin hobby and increase membership in America's coin clubs, Heritage has created the Coin Club Outreach program.

The Coin Club Outreach program features a speaker's bureau to deliver presentations at coin club meetings, promotional items to be offered to clubs to help generate revenue and enlist new members, and access to the Heritage website and mailing list of over 150,000 active coin and currency enthusiasts. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for a coin club or other collector group is invited to contact:

David Lisot, Director
Heritage Coin Club Outreach
1-800-872-6467 ext. 303

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Heritage Interactive
Instant Quiz

NEW: Instant quizzes and polls twice a week at!

Answer these quick questions and see how you stack up against your peers.

1. Which of the following has a date written in Roman Numerals?
1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition $50
1922 Grant Memorial Half Dollar
1993 American Gold Eagle $50
1997 American Platinum Eagle $100
2000-P Leif Ericson Dollar

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?


Last week's questions:

1. Which of the following was not depicted on a US coin during his lifetime?
Correct Answer: P. T. Barnum (34%). He was depicted on the Bridgeport Half Dollar after his death.

2. What is the coin pictured in this Pan and Zoom closeup?

Correct Answer: 1991-1995 World War II Dollar (31%).

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Is It Time To Sell?

Join The Morse Collection at Palm Beach!

Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. is proud to announce the finest collection of Saint-Gaudens Coinage to ever be auctioned - the magnificent Phillip H. Morse Collection!

An owner and the vice chairman of the world champion Boston Red Sox, Mr. Morse is also a consummate numismatist, and Heritage will be offering his incredible collection of nearly 600 Saint-Gaudens $10 and $20 gold pieces in Dallas during November 2005.

Mr. Morse's collection of Double Eagles might best be described as staggering. Short of the uncollectible 1933, no coin in the series is as fabled as the 1927-D, a legendary rarity missing from even the tremendous North Shore collection we recently had the privilege to sell. Of the perhaps one dozen or fewer known specimens of this date, only one - this coin - boasts a grade as high as MS67. The 1907 Ultra High Relief, a coin that simply must be seen to be fully appreciated, boasts a grade of Proof-69, just a whisper away from perfection. Many other coins in this collection are unexcelled, with several standing alone at the top of the pack as the finest known specimens of the date.

Heritage will offer these coins at Palm Beach on November 3, along with our Palm Beach Signature Auction scheduled for November 3-5. In order to offer your coins in Palm Beach alongside these treasures, and to take advantage of Heritage's unparalleled worldwide reach among potential buyers, please call our consignment hotline at 1-800-US-COINS, x222. The September 22 consignment deadline for this auction will be here before you know it, so call today!

2005 November Palm Beach, Florida Signature Auction
Sale on November 3 to November 5, 2005
Consignment Deadline: September 22, 2005

Leo Frese
Director of Consignments
1-800-US-COINS ext. 222 (24 hour voice mail)

Interested in Selling?
What's My Coin Worth?
Get the Most Money for Your Collection
Consign to a Heritage Auction

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