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December 23, 2005
This Week In Coin & Currency News
Heritage Returns to Orlando FUN!
Season's Greetings
The Duckor Registry Collection of Barber Dimes
Numismatic Glossary
Help Wanted: Numismatist
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Coin Club Outreach Program
Instant Quiz: Test your numismatic knowledge
Is It Time To Sell? 2006 February Long Beach, CA Signature Auction
Current Auctions: 2006 January Orlando, FL (FUN) Signature Auction, Platinum Night, 2006 January (CAA) Orlando, FL Signature Auction, The Bill Gale Collection of Kentucky National Bank Notes, 2006 January (HWCA) New York Signature Auction, 2006 January Orlando, FL FUN Online Session, Exclusively Internet Auction, Continuous Internet Auction, Internet Currency Auction, Fine Art Monthly Auction, Amazing Sports Auction, Internet Movie Poster Auction, Amazing Comics Auction
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Collector News
Heritage Returns to Orlando FUN!

Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers (HG&A) will offer over 7,000 lots of coin rarities at our official January 4 -7, 2006 Florida United Numismatists Signature Auction. In addition, a currency auction featuring nearly 5,000 lots and an On-Line Session will be held at the same venue.

This is always an exciting time of year for us. Heritage has been holding F.U.N. auctions in Orlando since 1991, and we are looking forward to another successful series of events to kick off 2006. Our official suite of F.U.N. catalogs includes two volumes of Signature Auction coins, Platinum Night, and Heritage Currency Auctions of America. In addition, Heritage World Coin Auctions is holding an official auction at the New York International Numismatic Convention the following week.

Anchor collections, many of which have been or will be featured in depth in Heritage Coin News, include:

Just a few of the individual highlights include:

This auction is open for bidding now at

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The Duckor Registry Collection of Barber Dimes

Heritage is proud to feature The Dr. Steven L. Duckor Registry Collection of Barber Dimes in our upcoming F.U.N. Signature Auction, to take place January 4-7 in Orlando, FL. Dr. Duckor is, in a word, a serious numismatist, with wide ranging interests that have all developed into superlative collections. He currently has ten different sets on the PCGS Registry, of different denominations, and some of which he is still enlarging and improving. The quality that he seeks is evident in these coins, the #3 All-Time Finest and #3 Current Finest Known Barber Dimes Basic Set Circulation Strikes (1892-1916), and every coin a Gem or finer. As you might expect, most of the coins are Finest Known or tied for Finest Known; they are naturally toned, original coins, and many come with important pedigrees like Clapp, Pittman, Eliasberg and Hugon. Dr. Duckor has bought many rarities out of Heritage auctions, but this is his first sale from his extensive holdings.

Dr. Duckor has been buying coins since he was nine years old, and after a half century enjoying this hobby, he is still a serious buyer. A gastroenterologist, his success in the medical community is matched with equal respect in the numismatic community. His collections are sufficiently famous that his gold holdings were examined by David Hall and Gordon Wrubel in 1985 in the bank while discussing the possibility of a grading service using multiple graders (and Dr. Duckor did have his gold coins certified later!). Dr. Duckor would like to commend Dave Akers as his mentor and numismatic associate for a quarter century. He is married with two children, the pride of his life.

A collection of this level is, as you might expect, loaded with highlights, which include:

Bidding on these and all other coins in the January F.U.N. Signature Auction is open right now at

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Numismatic Glossary:

EAC: Abbreviation for the Early American Coppers club, an organization dedicated to collecting copper Colonials, half cents and large cents. Like most specialty organizations, this one caters to the most dedicated collectors in its field with publications and even an annual convention with auction. Unusually, though, the EAC has its own standards for grading coins in its specialty areas. Although generally conforming to the 70 point system in common use today, EAC grades according to very different standards than are used by the major grading services, and is usually far more strict, net grading both for problems and for accepted conditions such as strike and color. Early copper coins in the recent Rasmussen collection and the upcoming Jules Reiver collection are graded according to both EAC standards and NGC/NCS standards. For more information about Early American Coppers, please visit

Original: (1) The earliest version of coin which has since been restruck. Originals can usually be determined from restrikes by either die or striking characteristics. (2) A coin that has aged naturally without being dipped, conserved, cleaned, or otherwise treated to enhance its appearance.

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Help Wanted: Numismatist

Heritage Rare Coin Galleries, Dallas, Texas is seeking a talented numismatist for our sales department. Duties include assisting dealers and collectors and auction consignors in person and by telephone, evaluating prospective purchases, in Dallas and shows and conventions. Salary commensurate with numismatic skills and sales experience.

Please contact Paul Minshull at with your background and experience.

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Around Heritage Galleries

Heritage-Slater Americana Auction Posts Outstanding Results!

Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers' (HG&A) latest Grand Format Signature Auction of political memorabilia and Americana, held December 15 & 16, 2005 in their Dallas, Texas headquarters, realized over $900,000, with continuing after-auction sales expected to bring the total even higher.

This was a very strong auction with many exciting results. Bidding on truly rare items was extremely aggressive, with the trend of items in top condition 'pulling away from the pack' in terms of price clearly continuing. For example, a large sulfide picturing Wm. Henry Harrison sold for a record price of $11,950 . It is perhaps the finest known example, and brought nearly double the average selling price of the last several perfectly respectable examples sold at auction.

However, there were still occasions when collectors were willing to compromise on condition. The auction included an example of the 1860 Bell-Everett Currier Grand National Banner, perhaps the rarest of this series of jugate prints produced by the famed lithographers for every election from 1844 through 1876. These Grand National Banners are widely collected in series, and this Bell example realized $15,086 on an estimate of $5,000 - $7,000, despite being significantly trimmed and having some other minor condition problems. This was the first example to appear on the market in years, and obviously collectors were willing to make allowances accordingly.

A highlight of the auction was a rare 1924 jugate button with the slogan 'Coolidge and Dawes [Coolidge's Vice-Presidential running mate] for the Nation's Cause'. One of the most desired jugate varieties of the tough 1920's era, it sold for $10,157 against an estimate of $7,500 - $10,000. Interestingly, this was consigned by a non-hobbyist who had just this single political pin, and who originally had no idea of its rarity or value. He discovered from our web site that Heritage is the leading auctioneer in the field of political Americana, and the rest is history!

One of the most intriguing items in the auction was Amelia Earhart's leather flying cap, which brought $16,730 against a pre-sale estimate of $2,500 - $3,500. It was the most popular item from an ensemble of jacket, cap, and goggles, all worn and flown by the famous aviatrix. These evocative relics were given by Earhart to Mariette Lydis, a well-known artist and Earhart's close personal friend.

All in all, this was another highly successful auction. Not surprisingly, the political material showed the greatest strength, as Heritage has clearly established itself as the market-maker in this popular and growing field. Since November 2004, Heritage has held three major auctions featuring political memorabilia, and each time total sales have well exceeded $500,000, grossing more than any other political item auction previously held.

We're very much looking forward to our next event, featuring rare books, autographs and manuscripts, which will be held February 20 & 21 in Dallas, with a live simulcast in New York City. This auction will also include the famous Henry Luhrs - Lincoln Library Collection, and will no doubt be the auction event of 2006!

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Coin Club Outreach Program

In a move to help strengthen the coin hobby and increase membership in America's coin clubs, Heritage has created the Coin Club Outreach program.

The Coin Club Outreach program features a speaker's bureau to deliver presentations at coin club meetings, promotional items to be offered to clubs to help generate revenue and enlist new members, and access to the Heritage website and mailing list of over 150,000 active coin and currency enthusiasts. Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for a coin club or other collector group is invited to contact:

David Lisot, Director
Heritage Coin Club Outreach
1-800-872-6467 ext. 303

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Heritage Interactive
Instant Quiz

NEW: Instant quizzes and polls twice a week at!

Answer these quick questions and see how you stack up against your peers.

1. What was the name of the finish used on 1909 and 1910 proof gold coins?

2. What is the date of the coin pictured in the Pan and Zoom Closeup?


Last week's questions:

1. What does "Hot Lips" refer to, numismatically?
Correct Answer: The 1888-O Doubled Die Dollar (74%).

2. Which date/mintmark combination of Morgan Dollar consists entirely of overdate varieties?
Correct Answer: 1880-CC (52%).

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Is It Time To Sell?

At the Beach in February

  • $18.5 Million Realized in February
  • $13 Million Realized in June
  • $22 Million Realized in September

These were the results of Heritage's Long Beach Auctions in 2005. How well will these auctions do in 2006? We can't wait to find out.

Heritage's long-time status as the Official Auctioneer of the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo has proven time and again to bring the finest results to our consignors. Call today and find out how you can take full advantage of an outstanding regional show with buyers that are ready to pay top dollar for your outstanding material. And, of course, when you consign you will receive every advantage that all our consignors receive with our over 200,000 registered bidder-members and our unparalleled worldwide reach through the Internet.

Call our Consignor Hotline at 1-800-US-COINS x222 today to find out how you can receive the highest possible return for your coins!

2006 February Long Beach Signature Auction
Sale on February 8, 2006 to February 11, 2006
Consignment Deadline: December 29, 2005

Leo Frese
Director of Consignments
1-800-US-COINS ext. 222 (24 hour voice mail)

Interested in Selling?
What's My Coin Worth?
Get the Most Money for Your Collection
Consign to a Heritage Auction

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Rare Coins
Location: Orlando, FL
Auction: 2006 January Orlando, FL (FUN) Signature Auction #394
Auction Dates: January 4-7, 2006
Note: Internet Absentee Bidding Ends at 10 PM CT the night before the floor session of any particular lot.
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Rare Coins
Location: Orlando, FL
Auction: Platinum Night
Part of Auction #394
Auction Dates: January 5, 2006

Rare Coins
Location: Orlando, FL
Auction: 2006 January (CAA) Orlando, FL Signature Auction #396
Auction Dates: January 5-7, 2006
Note: Internet Absentee Bidding Ends at 10 PM CT the night before the floor session of any particular lot.
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Rare Coins
Location: New York City, NY
Auction: 2006 January (HWCA) New York Signature Auction #397
Auction Dates: January 8-9, 2006
Note: Internet Absentee Bidding Ends at 10 PM CT the night before the floor session of any particular lot.
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Rare Coins
Location: Orlando, FL
Auction: The Bill Gale Collection of Kentucky National Bank Notes
Part of Auction #396
Auction Dates: January 7, 2006

Rare Coins
Location: Orlando, FL
Auction: 2006 January Orlando, FL FUN Online Session #395
Auction Dates: January 9, 2006
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