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  Collector News

Nearly $10 million in rare coins sell at Long Beach

1876 $20 PR64+ Deep Cameo PCGS. CAC
1876 $20 PR64+ Deep Cameo PCGS. CAC

Rare gold highlighted the results as the 2013 February 7 -8 & 10 US Coin Signature Auction, held in conjunction with the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo, realized over $9.8 million. All prices include a 17.5% Buyer's Premium.

Top honors in this auction went to a proof 1876 double eagle, pedigreed to the John Jay Pittman collection, and at Proof-64+ Deep Cameo the finest example of the date certified by PCGS. Only 12-15 examples of a mintage of only 45 coins are believed to exist today. This issue from our nation's centennial year sold for $152,750.

Taking up the next two spots in the results were a pair of round 1915-S Panama-Pacific $50 commemoratives. This ever-popular low mintage issue contains nearly 2.5 ounces of fine gold, and, along with the octagonal coins issued the same year, is the only $50 commemorative ever issued by the US. The finer of the two coins, an MS66 example surpassed in grade by only one coin at NGC, sold for $146,875, while the MS65 example sold for $123,375. This auction also featured two examples of the octagonal Panama-Pacific issue; these sold for $82,250 and $70,500 respectively.

As might be expected, outstanding silver rarities also brought outstanding prices, with an 1838 Gobrecht dollar restrike with plain edge selling for $123,375. Some sources indicate that there may be as many of twelve examples of this coin in existence; however, the issue may be much rarer, as we are only able to trace five. These pieces are believed to have been produced between 1873 and 1876.

1909 $5 PR66+ PCGS. CAC 1909 $5 PR66+ PCGS. CAC
1795 $10 13 Leaves AU58 NGC. BD-5, R.5 1795 $10 13 Leaves AU58 NGC. BD-5, R.5
1895-O $1 MS64 PCGS. CACs 1895-O $1 MS64 PCGS. CAC

A few of the other highlights of this auction include:

Our next US coin auction is scheduled for March 21-24 in Dallas. Previews are already available at www.HA.com/Coins.

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1806 $5 Round Top 6, 7x6 Stars MS65 PCGS. BD-6, R.2. Bass-Dannreuther Die State c/d with a light diagonal die crack through the eagle's neck.

1806 $5 Round Top 6, 7x6 Stars MS65 PCGS. BD-6, R.2
1806 $5 Round Top 6, 7x6 Stars MS65 PCGS. BD-6, R.2

Our upcoming 2013 March 21 - 24 US Coin Signature Auction will be featuring one of the finest known examples of the 1806 Round Top 6 half eagle, graded MS65. Although the Round Top 6 variety, also known as BD-6, is among the most often encountered early gold varieties, a majority of examples certified by PCGS are in circulated grades. The third party population falls precipitously above the MS64 level, with only two each at PCGS and NGC attaining MS65 with none finer. The other MS65 PCGS piece appeared in our January 2010 FUN Signature as lot 2158, where it brought $126,500. One of the MS65 NGC examples realized $80,500 as lot 3354 in a September 2009 Ira & Larry Goldberg auction. The other MS65 NGC example last appeared in an April 2012 Heritage auction but has since crossed over to PCGS and is in fact the very coin we will be offering in Dallas. Thus, with the one coin duplicated in the population reports, there are only three MS65 pieces between the two leading grading services with none finer.

Although the BD-6 variety of 1806 half eagle rates its own Red Book entry as the only variety with a round top 6, it is also the sole die marriage of the Capped Bust Right type with a 7x6 obverse star arrangement. The obverse appears unbalanced, with the right-side legend and stars crowded while the left-side stars leave considerably more open space. Though the other five die varieties of 1806 half eagles have a pointed 6, the round top 6 is less unusual overall, since cents and half dollars from 1806 also exhibit that style.

Less discussed than either the obverse star count or the date logotype is the incorrect arrow count. The Heraldic Eagle type should feature 13 arrows, but the BD-6 has just 11 arrows, one of which is faint and has only a partial shaft. In defense of early Mint workers, it must have been painstaking work to enter the legends, stars, arrows, berries, and branch stem by hand on every working die.

This coin displays consistent wheat-gold color and lacks any noticeable abrasions. Minor mint-made adjustment marks are confined to the reverse at the left border and on the shield. Those areas, along with the left-side stars, are incompletely brought up though the remainder of the strike is crisp. This coin is likely to be destined for an outstanding type set of early gold.

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Website Tips: How to enter individual coins into MyCollection

In order to enter a single coin into MyCollection, follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to HA.com

  2. Put your mouse over "MyHeritage", available on any page on the Heritage website. A new menu will automatically open up; mouse over "MyCollection", and choose Coins.

  3. You will see a listing of all items in your MyCollection. Above this listing are three tabs. Choose "Add Item."

  4. There are several ways to enter coins into MyCollection. You will have the choice to enter a coin by coin type, by date/denomination, by scanner if you have a coin graded by PCGS, NGC, or ANACS; and manually. The easiest way to enter a US non-commemorative coin is to do so by date and denomination.

    If you want to enter a raw 1907 cent in VG-8 condition, enter 1907 as the date, and choose 1C in the drop-down box corresponding to the denomination. Leave the radio button for MS and PR selected as MS for this circulation strike coin. Choose the Collection you want the coin to go into. Then click on the "Go" button in the "By Date/Denomination" box.

  5. You will be brought to a table covering every coin fitting your description, here a 1907 cent designated RD (red), RB (red and brown) or BN (brown). Choose the check box next to the best description of your coin. In this case, it will be marked 1907 1C, BN, since coins of this grade tend not to retain any of their original red coloring. Choose the grade of your coin from the drop down box under the heading "Grade", in this case 8 for a coin in VG-8 condition. Since your coin is not in a slab, choose "Raw" in the drop down box under the heading "Service". Once you've made all your selections on this page, click on "Add Items".

  6. Voila! You will be able to see this coin and all other items in your collection, along with their Numismedia Wholesale value and population. You can make additional notes about your pieces by clicking on the description for any coin.

Of course, any coin that you have ever bought directly from Heritage will be automatically added to your MyCollection under a collection called "Coins from Heritage". You need do nothing more in order to have a complete listing of these coins, including purchase price and images!

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This Week's Top Ten

1796 $2 1/2 No Stars MS65 PCGS
1796 $2 1/2 No Stars MS65 PCGS
The ten highest valued early (pre-1834) US Gold coins to sell in Heritage auctions:
  1. 1796 $2 1/2 No Stars MS65 PCGS. Realized $1,725,000
  2. 1829 $5 Large Date PR64 PCGS Secure. CAC. Realized $1,380,000
  3. 1796 $2 1/2 Stars MS65 NGC. CAC. Realized $1,006,250
  4. 1833 $5 Large Date PR67 PCGS. Realized $977,500
  5. 1796 $2 1/2 Stars MS65 NGC. Realized $862,500
  6. 1825/4 $5 AU50 NGC. Realized $690,000
  7. 1828/7 $5 MS64 NGC. CAC. Realized $632,500
  8. 1795 $10 13 Leaves MS64 PCGS. Realized $460,000
  9. 1815 $5 MS64 NGC. Realized $460,000
  10. 1829 $5 Small Date MS61 PCGS. CAC. Realized $431,250

Do you have a suggestion for a future top ten list? Send it to us!

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Vote on your favorite name for the Trillion Dollar Coin!

Name the Trillion Dollar Coin!
Thanks to all who entered Heritage's Name the Trillion Dollar Coin contest. As you may have heard, some said a Trillion Dollar coin was a solution to the U.S.'s debt troubles. Although the Fed ruled it out, numismatists all over the world have their thoughts on what this oddball coin might be called. Now it's your turn to vote! From the "Tetra Eagle" to "The Debt-onator", the "Trill-Looney" to the "Outa Luck Buck", only you can help decide which one wins a $1,000 coupon good for any Heritage Auctions purchase.

Visit the contest page today to see a complete list of finalists and cast your vote by Feb. 20!

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Bidding Increments in Heritage Auctions

We have revised the bidding increments in our Internet-only auctions, effective immediately. For these auctions, the increments are now:

Bidding Increments
Current Bid Bid Increment
< $50 $1
$50 - $99 $2
$100 - $199 $5
$200 - $499 $10
$500 - $999 $20
$1,000 - $1,999 $50
$2,000 - $4,999 $100
$5,000 - $9,999 $200
$10,000 - $19,999 $500
$20,000 - $49,999 $1,000
$50,000 - $99,999 $2,000
$100,000 - $199,999 $5,000
$200,000 - $499,999 $10,000
$500,000 - $999,999 $20,000
>= $1,000,000 $50,000

These are roughly half of the previous increments, and are designed to let our bidders place more precise bids. Affected auctions include:

  • Sunday and Tuesday Internet Coin auctions
  • Weekly World and Ancient Coin auctions
  • Thursday Modern Coin auctions
  • Monthly Internet Wine auctions
  • Sunday Internet Sports Collectibles auctions
  • Sunday Movie Poster auctions
  • Tuesday Internet Watch and Jewelry Auctions
  • Tuesday Internet Luxury Accessory auctions
  • Weekly Internet Rare Books auctions
  • Tuesday Internet Currency auctions
  • Sunday Internet Comics auctions

The increments on Signature, Grand Format, Non-Floor Session, and Sports Catalog auctions with extended bidding have not changed. This is to keep the increments consistent between Internet bidding and the live sessions on these auctions.

Of course, Internet bidders still have the option to bid between increments as they see fit, so long as they bid the next increment or higher. For more information, please see HA.com/c/ref/web-tips.zx#increments.

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Coin Buyer Wanted - San Francisco Office

Heritage Auctions is seeking a talented numismatist with a broad range of expertise to join our new S.F. office located in Jackson Square. If you have an good working knowledge base of U S. coins and currency and are comfortable dealing with the public, we have an opening for a permanent position as a buyer in our San Francisco office. Duties will include dealing with walk-in clients, evaluating and purchasing coins and currency, working local coin shows, and accepting Auction consignments. Pay will be commensurate with numismatic experience.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Jobs@HA.com.

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Reduced Auction Commissions When You Resell Your Winnings!

When you win any lot worth with a hammer price of $1,000 or more (or $2,500 for Art and Natural History lots), you will receive a coupon that entitles you (or your heirs) to re-consign that lot to Heritage at a reduced seller's commission. Selling through Heritage is a convenient and hassle free way to maximize your return (find out why). Maybe you'll need to make room in your collection for something better, perhaps your collecting tastes will change, or maybe it will be your heirs that benefit; but be sure to save the coupon, which could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Coins: 0% Seller's Commission for all items $1K or more.
  • Comics: 50% of the usual Seller's Commission for all items between $1K & $10K, and 0% for items $10K and over.
  • All Other Categories: 50% of the usual Seller's Commission for everything else over $1K ($2,500 for Art & Natural History).

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  Employment Opportunities

As the fastest growing American-based auction house, financially rock-solid Heritage Auctions continues to grow and seek the best talent in the industry. If you are a specialist or have strong general collectibles knowledge, we want to hear from you. These specialists will, in some cases, head new departments and in others will enhance existing department expertise. We have positions open at our headquarters in Dallas as well as at our new state-of-the-art galleries in prime locations in both Midtown Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Heritage is seeking to hire the world's best specialists in the following categories:

  • 20th Century Design Specialist: Beverly Hills, New York
  • Asian Art Specialist: Beverly Hills
  • Coin Buyer: San Francisco
  • European Art Specialist: New York
  • European Comic Art Specialist: Dallas, Paris
  • Firearms Specialist: Dallas
  • Modern & Contemporary Art Specialist: Beverly Hills, New York
  • Timepiece Specialist: Beverly Hills, New York
  • Trust & Estates Specialist: New York
  • Western Art Director: Dallas, Beverly Hills
  • World Coins Director: Hong Kong

If you are interested and feel you have the qualifications we seek, please email your resume and salary history to Experts@HA.com.

We are also seeking to fill the following corporate positions:

  • Client Services Representative: Dallas
  • Color & Photography Imaging Specialist: Dallas
  • Currency Cataloger: Dallas
  • Currency Consignment Director: Dallas
  • e-Publishing Expert: Dallas
  • Interns
  • Marketing Account Executive: Dallas
  • Operations Assistant: Dallas
  • WPF Applications Developer: Dallas

If you are interested in applying for one of these Corporate positions, please apply here.

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  Around Heritage

Iconic Watchmen #1 cover art in Heritage Auctions Comics & Comic Art event in NYC

Dave Gibbons Historic Watchmen #1 'Bloody Smiley Face/Doomsday Clock' Cover Original Art (DC, 1986)
The original cover art for Watchmen #1 — the issue that began the most influential graphic novel series of the 1980s — is expected to bring $100,000+ as part of Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction Feb. 21-22 in New York. The cover art for issues #2 and #3, along with a color cover guide for issue #1, are also featured in the grouping, which comes to auction from The Shamus Modern Masterworks Collection.

The auction at Heritage will mark the beginning of the sale of all 12 covers from the series in calendar year 2013, with original cover art for issues #4, #5, and #6 in May, #7, #8, #9 in August and #10, #11, and #12 in November.

The 12-issue series by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons was originally published by DC Comics in 1986-87 and revolutionized the medium of comics with its intricate re-examination and deconstruction of the entire concept of the superhero.

Dave Gibbons Watchmen #2 'Cemetery' Cover Original Art (DC, 1986)"This artwork represents some of the absolute best from not only the period, but from all of comics' history," said Steve Borock, Senior Consignment Director, Heritage Auctions. "To be entrusted by the Shamus family to bring the covers to auction is something we're incredibly excited about and we take the honor very seriously."

"The impact Watchmen had on the history of comics cannot be overstated," said Todd Hignite, Vice President and Comic Art expert at Heritage. "Gibbons' artwork for the series is as groundbreaking as Moore's narrative, unprecedented in its seamless use of symbolism, sophisticated layouts, and pacing for brilliantly dramatic effect."

Cover art from the Watchmen series also functioned as the first panel of each chapter, surpassing the artistic expectations of a typical comic book. As a result, Watchmen has come to represent the graphic novel's highest achievement and stands as a touchstone for generations of readers as well as comic writers and artists.

Dave Gibbons Watchmen #3 'Trefoil Fallout Shelter Symbol' Cover Original Art (DC, 1986)Time magazine included the series in its list of the top 100 English-language novels published from 1923 to the present and described it as "a landmark in the graphic novel medium" and a "masterpiece." The series was adapted into a major feature film in 2009.

The three covers to cross the block in New York feature some of the most iconic art from the series:

Cover art for Watchmen #1 is Gibbons' opening shot of a bloody badge, worn by Edward Blake, The Comedian, which also doubled as Moore's "smiley face/doomsday clock" symbolism following Blake's murder, which is the catalyst for the entire story. The cover is widely considered one of the most important covers in comics history and is instantly associated with the Watchmen series.

Cover art for Watchmen #2 focuses on the Blake's burial and a series of flashbacks to advance Moore's, tale which deconstructs the traditional superhero mythos in concert with Gibbons' moody and somber art.

Cover art for Watchmen #3 shows Gibbons' evocative and ominous Fallout Shelter trefoil symbol, representing the rising fear of nuclear war while the nation's "heroes" get mired in their own complex relationships, including the imminent exile of Doctor Manhattan, one of the most intriguing comic book heroes ever introduced to readers.

John Higgins Watchmen #1 'Blooded Smiley Face/Doomsday Clock' Cover Color Guide Original Art (DC, 1986)The auction also will feature colorist John Higgins' Watchmen #1 cover color guide original art used during the series' production. The blue line production art was selected for the original color version of the cover.

All four landmark Watchmen works come from the Shamus Modern Masterwork Collection, which has set a number of records in the last year, notably with the sale of Todd McFarlane's cover art from Amazing Spider-Man #328 for $657,250 in August of 2012, the highest price ever paid for a piece of American comic artwork.

In addition to the Watchmen works, Heritage's Feb. 21-22 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction also features John Romita Sr.'s historic The Night Gwen Stacy Died original cover art from The Amazing Spider-Man #121 and a rare Calvin and Hobbes daily comic strip by Bill Watterson.

More information about Comic auctions.

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Two-Day Estate Event Offers 1,600+ Eclectic Lots Of Art, Antiques And Collectibles

Motorized Scale Model Of A 1933-1936 Bugatti Type 59More than 1,600 eclectic lots — from a limited edition Dunhill-Namiki Motorities Maki-E fountain pen (estimate $35,000+) to a motorized Bugatti model car (estimate $2,000+) to a collection dedicated to the history of ballooning — come together Feb. 23-24 in Heritage Auctions' annual Estate Signature® Auction at our Dallas Design District Annex, 1518 Slocum Street.

The two-day treasure hunt event offers art and antiques across three sessions and all budgets, including Heritage's second annual Gentleman Collector Auction and Part II of The Elton Hyder III, Jr. Collection, which formerly decorated the University of Texas School of Law Library.

Dunhill-Namiki: Motorities Maki-e Limited Edition 25 Fountain Pen"The upcoming Estate Auction is one of the most fun auctions we've seen all year," said Ed Beardsley, Vice President for Fine and Decorative Arts at Heritage. "You never know what's going to show up in it, which makes for a special opportunity for collectors and decorators to find unique pieces of all kinds offered together in one weekend."

A German Silvered Metal, Tortoiseshell, Pewter And Gilt Bronze ClockSession I kicks off Saturday, Feb. 23 with the Estate Auction, 1,700 lots of fine furniture, art and porcelains offered without reserve led by a French walnut and gilt bronze porcelain coffee table, circa 1870, expected to bring $6,000+, in addition to an important selection of KPM porcelain plaques, Meissen and fine Continental porcelain. A circa 1700 German silvered metal tortoiseshell pewter and gilt bronze clock is expected to bring $3,000+.

Additional lots include a Richardson George II-style mahogany long case clock expected to bring $3,000+ and two large illustrated volumes of playing cards, expected to bring $800+.

A Set Of Four Tiffany & Co. Weighted Silver CandlesticksMore than 20 diverse lots of Tiffany Studio objects include a set of four, weighted silver candlesticks from 1907, a three piece French gilt bronze, onyx and enameled clock garniture set, a six-piece patinated bronze and slag glass desk set in the desirable pine needle pattern.

Session II starts at 5 p.m. the same day as Heritage hosts its second annual Gentleman Collector Auction, a collection specially curated for a gentleman's library, den or the classic gentleman's smoking room. The auction is led by a one of the finest single-owner collections of Montblanc fountain pens ever offered at auction, including a 4th of July limited edition 56 Skeleton fountain pen, estimated to bring $25,0000+, a Flag of Texas Antelier Privés limited edition 10 fountain pen is estimated to bring $25,000+ and a Sir Winston Churchill limited edition 53 fountain pen is expected to bring $25,000+.

"Our Gentlemen Collector auctions present a collection of fascinating objects suitable for anyone with a taste for quality," said Nick Dawes, Vice President of Special Collections at Heritage. "This year our auction includes extraordinary items, selected to appeal to all tastes and budgets but with an emphasis on unique gifts and accessories to compliment any gentleman's lifestyle."

Signed And Inscribed Photograph Of A Maharaja Sayajirao Of Baroda In Indian Silver Presentation FrameLikely to capture strong collector interest is a signed and inscribed photograph of a Maharaja Sayajirao Baroda in an Indian silver presentation frame, expected to bring $7,000+.

A stunning array of automobilia and petroliana includes a motorized scale model of a 1933-36 Bugatti Type 59 race car, expected to bring $2,000+, an authentic motorized scale replica of a BMW 328 Roadster, expected to bring $1,500+, a scale model MG pedal car, and a set of two vintage enameled metal pedal cars featuring a tow car with a pedal racer on a custom trailer.

Important And Rare Gorham Sterling Silver Ballooning TrophyThe Gentleman Collector auction continues with a fine selection of nearly 60 lots of ballooning-inspired memorabilia, including an important Gorham Sterling Silver trophy for a celebrated 1912 race in Colorado Springs, Colo., expected to bring $8,000+, a unique and historic silhouette commemorating Jean Pierre Blanchard's first balloon ascent on Paris in 1784, expected to bring $3,000+, and a verre églomisé, or glass gilded painting, of a crowd enjoying a balloon ascent, expected to bring $2,000+.

Session III takes place Sunday, Feb. 24, to feature Part II of the The Elton Hyder III, Jr. Collection. Part I of the Elton Hyder III, Jr. Collection debuted in September of 2012 in Heritage's $1.2 million Estate Auction and Part II offers an equally captivating group of objets d'art, including a portrait of Philip IV, King of Spain, expected to bring $6,000+.

An English Oak Dining TableMeticulously assembled for the library in order to give students there a sense of history within the law, the Hyder family canvassed the United States and Great Britain seeking objects to document the evolution of law.

Part II features additional rarities, such as an extensive collection of fine English oak furniture dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, including a mammoth English oak dining table, expected to bring $4,000, an exhaustive collection of 18th century legal engravings, Kilim tapestry-woven rugs and a fine collection of World War I propaganda posters, led by T. Paul Verrees' 1917 lithograph.

More information about Fine Art auctions.

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  Heritage Interactive
Opinion Poll

Answer this quick question and see how your opinion compares with your peers.

Which of the following best describes you as a collector?
       A) I collect by date
       B) I collect by type
       C) I collect by topic
       D) I collect key dates only
       E) None of the above

Last week's questions:

What is your preferred collecting grade?
A) The highest grade I can get (56%).
B) Any uncirculated grade (15%).
C) Proofs, whenever possible (7%).
D) Lightly circulated (18%).
E) Anything that will fill the hole (5%).

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  Is it Time to Sell?

It's not too early to begin thinking about consigning your important coins and notes to our March Dallas auction of US coins and our Official Auctions of the 2013 Central States Convention. For a confidential discussion, call us: 800-872-6467 ext. 1000 (coins) or ext. 1001 (currency).

2013 April 17 - 22 CICF World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction - Chicago
Consignment Deadline: February 25, 2013

2013 April 24 - 29 CSNS Currency Signature Auction - Chicago
Consignment Deadline: March 4, 2013

2013 April 24 - 28 CSNS US Coin Signature Auction - Chicago
Consignment Deadline: March 11, 2013

David Mayfield
Vice President, Numismatic Auctions
1-800-US-COINS ext. 1000

Interested in Selling?
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Sunday Internet Coin Auction Sunday Internet Coin Auction #131308
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Tuesday Internet Coin Auction Tuesday Internet Coin Auction #131308
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Thursday Modern Coin Auction Thursday Modern Coin Auction #241308
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Weekly World Coin Auction Weekly World Coin Auction #231308
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Currency Auctions
Tuesday Internet Currency Auction Tuesday Internet Currency Auction #141308
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Other Signature Auctions
2013 February 21 & 23 Animation Art Signature Auction - New York #7052 2013 February 21 & 23 Animation Art Signature Auction - New York #7052
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2013 February 21-23 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction - New York #7073 2013 February 21-23 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction - New York #7073
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2013 February 23-24 Platinum Night Sports Auction - New York #7070 2013 February 23-24 Platinum Night Sports Auction - New York #7070
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2013 February 23-24 Estate Auction - Dallas #5129 2013 February 23-24 Estate Auction - Dallas #5129
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2013 March 1-2 Texana Signature Auction - Fort Worth #6097 2013 March 1-2 Texana Signature Auction - Fort Worth #6097
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Other Internet Auctions
Sunday Internet Movie Poster Auction Sunday Internet Movie Poster Auction #161307
Closes February 17
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Sunday Internet Sports Collectibles Auction Sunday Internet Sports Collectibles Auction #151307
Closes February 17
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Sunday Internet Comics Auction Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121307
Closes February 17
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Weekly Internet Luxury Accessories Auction Weekly Internet Luxury Accessories Auction #251308
Closes February 19
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Tuesday Internet Watch and Jewelry Auction Tuesday Internet Watch and Jewelry Auction #171308
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Weekly Internet Rare Books and Autographs Auction Weekly Internet Rare Books and Autographs Auction #201308
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