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  Collector News

Over $7.5 million sold in Dallas coin auction

1861 $10 PR64 Cameo PCGS. CAC
1861 $10 PR64 Cameo PCGS. CAC
Rare, high grade gold coins were the highlights as Heritage's Dallas 2013 March 21-22 & 24 US Coin Signature Auction brought in over $7.6 million to its happy consignors. All prices include a 17.5% Buyer's Premium.

The top coin in the auction, selling for $129,250, was a proof 1861 eagle, at Proof 64 Cameo the only such example that PCGS has awarded such a high grade with a Cameo (or Deep Cameo) designation. Only one coin at NGC surpasses it in numerical grade. Only ten examples are believed to survive of this issue from the first year of the Civil War.

High grade examples of popular early gold issues also performed well. A gem 1806 half eagle with Round Top 6 and a 7x6 obverse star arrangement broke the six figure mark at $111,625. While the variety itself is not rare by the standards of early gold, most examples are in circulated grades. Combined population reports from the two major grading services show only four examples grading MS65, with none higher, and in fact, two of these grading events cover this specific coin. A 1801 eagle graded MS64 and featuring highly contrasted (but undesignated) prooflike surfaces, sold for $88,125. Only five examples bear higher numerical grades.

A rare variety of Christopher Bechtler gold, the 128 G(rain) five dollar piece with colon after G, sold for $67,562. We believe that 6-10 of these coins are known, and this example, graded AU55, is surpassed by only two coins graded by the major services.

1806 $5 Round Top 6, 7x6 Stars MS65 PCGS. BD-6, R.2 1806 $5 Round Top 6, 7x6 Stars MS65 PCGS. BD-6, R.2
(1837-42) $5 C. Bechtler Five Dollar, Colons Obverse AU55 PCGS. K-21, R.7 (1837-42) $5 C. Bechtler Five Dollar, Colons Obverse AU55 PCGS. K-21, R.7
A few of the other highlights of this auction included:

Our next World and Ancient Coin Signature Auction is open for bidding now at www.HA.com/coins, with the next US Coin Signature Auction scheduled to open for bidding very soon!

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Seldom Seen Selections: The Finest Business Strike California Gold Piece

1852 $10 Humbert Ten Dollar MS68 NGC. CAC. Kagin-10, R.5
1852 $10 Humbert Ten Dollar MS68 NGC. CAC. Kagin-10, R.5
Heritage is proud to present Eric P. Newman's Humbert ten dollar gold piece, in the amazing grade of MS68, in our upcoming 2013 April 24 - 28 CSNS US Coin Signature Auction. The remarkable Superb Gem specimen is, by three points, the finest existing U.S. Assay Office gold piece, possessing brilliant light yellow surfaces with satin luster and tinges of greenish color natural to California-mined gold. It is the finest business strike of any California gold issuer.

The fields are pristine and reflective, nearly prooflike in appearance. A few scattered planchet voids are unique to this piece. Obvious care was taken when this specimen was minted in 1852, and since that day it has been handled with its full preservation in mind. From Augustus Humbert to his estate and Andrew Zabriskie after him, this piece was briefly held by Waldo Newcomer and Col. E.H.R. Green, followed by Eric P. Newman for the last seven decades. Heritage acknowledges the assistance of Stuart Levine, who discovered that this example was Humbert's own specimen by matching it to the Zabriskie plate, and Dan Hamelberg, who first noticed the Newcomer plate appearance.

The obverse depicts an eagle above a shield with wings spread, its head turned toward its left wing, arrows in one talon, an olive branch in the other talon, holding a ribbon inscribed LIBERTY in its beak. Below the eagle, the denomination is expressed as TEN DOLS. with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around. A scroll in the field over the eagle expresses the gold purity as 884 THOUS:. The shield is crudely engraved, with no horizontal crossbars and five vertical stripes. The leftmost and rightmost vertical stripes have two individual lines (i.e. two pale gules) while the three central stripes have three lines each (three pale gules). The entire obverse die is covered with tiny raised dots usually described as die rust, along with a spider web of die cracks far too numerous to itemize.

The reverse has a central block for its inscription: AUGUSTUS HUMBERT. / UNITED STATES ASSAYER / OF GOLD. CALIFORNIA. / 1852. The areas above and below are filled with elaborate scrollwork. There is no evidence of lettering errors or repunching on either die. The letters in the reverse inscription were formed through the use of individual punches. The letter A appears six times on the reverse, and each has an identical doubled crossbar. The letter E appears four times, and each has identical filling within the letter. Other repeated letters also show common characteristics.

The United States Assay Office operated as a provisional mint from 1851 through 1853 prior to the San Francisco Mint, which opened in 1854. The provisional mint was operated under the supervision of Moffat & Co. in 1851 and 1852, Augustus Humbert serving as the assayer. After Moffat retired early in 1852, Curtis, Perry, and Ward continued the operation. Throughout the three year period, gold coins were issued in the denominations of ten, twenty, and fifty dollars. The earlier issues under Moffat & Co., such as this specimen, identify Augustus Humbert as the United States Assayer of Gold in California, while later pieces omit Humbert's name.

1852 $10 Humbert Ten Dollar MS68 NGC. CAC. Kagin-10, R.5Items being sold are from the extensive collection of Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (a Missouri not-for-profit corporation) and have been assembled over a period of 90 years. Proceeds of the sale of all items will be used exclusively for the benefit of other not-for-profit institutions selected by Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society for public purposes and also for supplementing the Society's own museum operations and scholarly research efforts.


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Website Tips: Take 4 months to pay

For our many clients who see something they want in one of our auctions, but may not have enough cash on hand to immediately pay for it, we are pleased to offer an Extended Payment Plan for many of our Signature and Grand Format auctions.

The features of the plan are as follows:

  • Minimum invoice total is $2,500.
  • You may take up to four (4) months to pay the balance (monthly payments of at least 1/6th of invoice total).
  • Interest is calculated at only 1% per month (12% annually) on the unpaid balance, and must be kept current.
  • Minimum down payment is 25% within two weeks of the sale date. All down payments made beyond this 2 week window will require a 35% down payment, and the term will be shortened to 3 months.
  • to a refundable 3% set-up fee, which will be paid as part of your 1st monthly installment. This fee will be refundable upon completion of the plan if the following conditions are satisfied:
    • All payments (including the down payment) must be made on-time per your specific EPP schedule (there will be a brief grace period).
    • All payments must be made using one or a combination of the following payment methods: cash, check, cashier's check, eCheck, money order, or bank draft.
  • There is no penalty for paying off early.
  • Non-dealers only
  • With pre-approved credit application

All traditional sales policies still apply. Due to the nature of the business and market volatility, there is no return privilege once you have confirmed your sale, and penalties can be incurred on cancelled orders. To participate in this program, follow these steps:

  1. Get pre-approved by filling out a credit application.
  2. Bid normally and win some lots.
  3. Heritage will maintain possession of all the lots until paid in full. Therefore, you must notify us of your intent to use our Extended Payment Plan on or before the day of the auction. All pre-shipped material must be returned to Heritage in order for the plan to be in effect.
  4. When you get your electronic invoice, select "other" from the payment options.
  5. Send an e-mail to CreditDept@HA.com indicating the invoice number and your intention to use the Extended Payment Plan.

The Extended Payment Plan is also available for inventory items available directly from Heritage. Terms are similar, except that you may take up to 4 months to pay, the minimum down payment is 20%, and the minimum invoice total is $2,000.

The Extended Payment Plan is not offered for Weekly Internet Auctions and may not be available on specific items or for specific Signature and Grand Format auctions. Please review the home page of the auction and item you are interested in to confirm that the Extended Payment Plan is available.

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This Week's Top Ten

The ten highest valued dimes to sell in Heritage auctions, one per date:

1894-S 10C PR65 PCGS
1894-S 10C PR65 PCGS
  1. 1894-S 10C PR65 PCGS. Realized $1,035,000
  2. 1873-CC No Arrows MS 64 PCGS. Realized $632,500
  3. 1804 10C 14 Stars on Reverse AU58 NGC. CAC. JR-2, R.5. Realized $632,500
  4. 1797 10C 13 Stars MS65 NGC. JR-2, R.4. Realized $402,500
  5. 1803 10C MS64 NGC. JR-3, R.4. Realized $322,000
  6. 1796 10C MS67 * NGC. JR-4, R.3. Realized $299,000
  7. 1798 10C Small 8 MS66 NGC. JR-3, R.5. Realized $253,000
  8. 1919-D 10C MS 66 Full Bands PCGS. Realized $218,500
  9. 1916-D 10C MS67 Full Bands PCGS. CAC. Realized $195,500
  10. 1838 10C No Drapery PR67 Cameo NGC. Realized $164,500

Patterns have been excluded.

Do you have a suggestion for a future top ten list? Send it to us!

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Coin Buyer Wanted - San Francisco Office

Heritage Auctions is seeking a talented numismatist with a broad range of expertise to join our new S.F. office located in Jackson Square. If you have a good working knowledge base of U S. coins and currency and are comfortable dealing with the public, we have an opening for a permanent position as a buyer in our San Francisco office. Duties will include dealing with walk-in clients, evaluating and purchasing coins and currency, working local coin shows, and accepting Auction consignments. Pay will be commensurate with numismatic experience.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Jobs@HA.com.

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Reduced Auction Commissions When You Resell Your Winnings!

When you win any lot worth with a hammer price of $1,000 or more (or $2,500 for Art and Nature & Science lots), you will receive a coupon that entitles you (or your heirs) to re-consign that lot to Heritage at a reduced seller's commission. Selling through Heritage is a convenient and hassle free way to maximize your return (find out why). Maybe you'll need to make room in your collection for something better, perhaps your collecting tastes will change, or maybe it will be your heirs that benefit; but be sure to save the coupon, which could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Coins: 0% Seller's Commission for all items $1K or more.
  • Comics: 50% of the usual Seller's Commission for all items between $1K & $10K, and 0% for items $10K and over.
  • All Other Categories: 50% of the usual Seller's Commission for everything else over $1K ($2,500 for Art & Natural History).

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  Employment Opportunities

As the fastest growing American-based auction house, financially rock-solid Heritage Auctions continues to grow and seek the best talent in the industry. If you are a specialist or have strong general collectibles knowledge, we want to hear from you. These specialists will, in some cases, head new departments and in others will enhance existing department expertise. We have positions open at our headquarters in Dallas as well as at our new state-of-the-art galleries in prime locations in both Midtown Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Heritage is seeking to hire the world's best specialists in the following categories:

  • Asian Art Specialist: Beverly Hills
  • Coin Buyer: San Francisco
  • European Art Specialist: New York
  • European Comic Art Specialist: Dallas, Paris
  • Firearms Specialist: Dallas
  • Modern & Contemporary Art Specialist: Beverly Hills, New York
  • Timepiece Specialist: Beverly Hills, New York
  • Western Art Director: Dallas, Beverly Hills
  • World Coins Director: Hong Kong

If you are interested and feel you have the qualifications we seek, please email your resume and salary history to Experts@HA.com.

We are also seeking to fill the following corporate positions:

  • Client Services Representative: Dallas
  • Currency Cataloger: Dallas
  • Currency Consignment Director: Dallas
  • e-Publishing Expert: Dallas
  • Interns
  • Marketing Account Executive: Dallas
  • Operations Assistant: Dallas
  • PHP Web Developer: Dallas
  • Web Marketing Specialist: Dallas
  • WPF Applications Developer: Dallas

If you are interested in applying for one of these Corporate positions, please apply here.

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  Around Heritage

Classic Saturday Evening Post Covers Highlight Heritage Illustration Event In Beverly Hills

JOSEPH CHRISTIAN LEYENDECKERJ.C. Leyendecker's Honeymoon, The Saturday Evening Post cover, July 17, 1926, one of the illustrator's all-time greatest Post covers, is expected to bring $80,000+ as the centerpiece of Heritage Auctions' April 11-12 Illustration Art Signature® Auction.

"I would argue that this is not only one of Leyendecker's greatest Post covers, but one of his greatest works, period," said Ed Jaster, Senior Vice President at Heritage Auctions. "The detail, the amazingly vibrant color and the vividly depicted subjects all add up to a masterpiece among masterpieces from one of the form's greatest practitioners. I fully expect top collectors to come after this piece with tremendous enthusiasm."

As a complement to the Leyendecker cover Heritage will also be offering two more superb Post covers from two more names whose art are closely associated with the publication, neither of which has ever been offered at auction: John Philip Falter's Antique Store Accident, The Saturday Evening Post cover, June 20, 1959 (estimate: $40,000+) and Thorton Utz's joyfully detailed Love's Lost Child at Information Booth, The Saturday Evening Post Christmas cover, December 20, 1958 (estimate: $30,000+).

"It's hard to remember a more balanced auction for all collector tastes than this," said Todd Hignite, Vice President of Heritage Auctions. "There's truly an A+ example for every collecting interest, across every wrinkle of the genre, this time out."

JESSIE WILLCOX SMITHFurther Golden Age highlights include two stunning Jessie Willcox Smith paintings — led by his evocative The Story Hour, Harper's Bazaar story illustration, May 1903 (Estimate: $100,000+) — along with one of the greatest Dean Cornwell paintings Heritage has ever offered, The Desert Healer, Cosmopolitan magazine story illustration, November 1922 (estimate: $30,000+), and Norman Rockwell's Man with Rod and Reel, preliminary study for an advertisement, circa 1940 (estimate: $30,000+).

Pin-Up and Pulp Art is always a hugely popular segment in Heritage Illustration events, and this auction features examples by the biggest names in the form, including Gil Elvgren's Doctor, Are All Those Fellows Interns?, Brown & Bigelow calendar pin-up, 1946 (Estimate: $40,000+), a never-before-offered classic from the master of the Pin-Up, and a beautiful Alberto Vargas, Brunette in Blue with Phone (Maxine Emitt), circa 1952 (estimate: $20,000+).

EARLE BERGEYFollowing the world record price for Patrick Nagel art that Heritage set in its last illustration auction, the company is offering one of the largest — almost seven-foot tall — and most impressive paintings by Nagel ever to come to auction, his Her Seductive Look (estimate: $20,000+).

Pulp Art is particularly strong in this auction, led by one of the all-time science fiction classic covers, Earle Bergey's The Cybernetic Brains, Startling Stories pulp cover, September 1950 (estimate: $30,000+) and complemented by extraordinary pulp covers from Margaret Brundage, The Six Sleepers, Weird Tales pulp cover, October 1935 (estimate: $30,000+) and Frank R. Paul's The Ideal, Wonder Stories pulp magazine cover, September 1935 (estimate: $10,000+).

More information about Fine Art auctions.

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Doodle for Hunger auction is now open

Doodle for Hunger"Doodle for Hunger" is a fun online auction of original signed works of art by comic and illustration artists. These artists put their creative skills to good use by doodling to support St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

The St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters supports a network of charitable programs that provide a broad range of services for those in need, including the provision of food, clothing, shelter, and related social services for the poor. The St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters also fights hunger through special events for those in need. Each location has customized its program according to the needs of the local community.

John Reiner and Bunny Hoest
Matthew Van Fleet
Matthew Van Fleet

Working together with the staff and volunteers at various locations to promote emotional and physical well-being through programs sponsored by banks, hospitals, social service providers, and the corporate community, the St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters raises awareness of the needs within the community and forges new relationships.

The auction is offered on the internet only. Bidding will open March 24 at 10 PM CT and will close Friday April 14 at 10 PM CT. For more information, contact Jeri Carroll, 800.872.6476 x1873 or JeriC@HA.com.

Shannon Stirnweis
Shannon Stirnweis
Tom Wilson
Jerry Scott
Jerry Scott

More information about Charity auctions.

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  Is it Time to Sell?

We are now accepting consignments for our June Long Beach Auction. For a confidential discussion and to get the most for your rare coins, please call one of our Consignment Directors today at 800-872-6467 ext. 1000.

2013 June 6 - 9 US Coin Signature Auction - Long Beach
Consignment Deadline: April 23, 2013

David Mayfield
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1-800-US-COINS ext. 1000

Interested in Selling?
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