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Heritage Auctions



Please know that your request for an appraisal does not obligate you in any way to sell or auction any of your coins with us. Additionally, all inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

コイン鑑定をご希望される場合は こちらを クリックされて、鑑定希望コインの詳細をお伝えください。コインの詳細とは、コインの額面、製造年、製造場所を示すミントマーク、鑑定会社(NGCかPCGS)、グレード数字、そして"MS"、"PR"、"CAM"、"DCAM"などのグレード名称を指します。

To request an appraisal, please click here to email us and, please list each coin you would like appraised, including the denomination, date, mintmark, grading company (either NGC or PCGS), the numerical grade, and any designation on the grading label, such as "MS", "PR", "CAM", "DCAM", etc.


If it would be easier for you, you can simply include an attached image of the coin(s) or your purchase invoice(s).


After we have reviewed your list we will reply with an estimated auction value range for each coin.


Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the rare coin market or selling coins through Heritage Auctions.