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The First Immortal by James L. Halperin is now available as a free download for yourself and to share with your friends and loved ones (just email the link to this page, or forward the entire book in MS Word format). The First Immortal is the novel to read if you're curious about cryonics, which suggests freezing humans after legal death in the hopes that someday science can advance to the point where even those now considered terminal will be resurrected and rejuvenated with their youth, health, memories and personality intact. A national best-seller, The First Immortal is one of the most meticulously researched scientific novels ever written, and presents a balanced, and at times frightening, yet ultimately optimistic view of the possibilities of human science and philosophy. It has been estimated that, since its initial publication by Random House in 1997, this novel has been instrumental in recruiting over half of those people now joining cryonics organizations.

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