Adriana Tsang, Age 9, Massachusetts: Honorable Mention


Collecting coins is a great hobby for kids. It teaches about the money of your own country but can also teach you about the other countries in the world. Coins are very sturdy and don't bend, break or burn very easily so they won't quickly get damaged. Coins are very small and lightweight so your collection could even be carried in your pocket. If you keep your special collection coins displayed in plastic holders they can be handled and enjoyed without getting fingerprints on them but might need to dusted once in a while.

Collecting coins can be very affordable because YOU decide what you want to collect. You might collect all the coins you pick up off the floor in stores and save the ones from other countries and then your collection is free. You could collect pennies from all the mints in your country for every year or choose the penny from just one mint each year and keep them in a special coin holder book. You could collect coins from your favorite country, coins from all the countries on a continent or from as many countries around the world as you can. Think what a challenge that would be! You could learn so much about geography and the world just doing a little research about your coins.

You could collect coins about the things that interest you. I love raising butterflies so I'd like to collect and display some of the beautiful enameled butterfly coins that I've researched on the computer and especially the one that shows their life cycle. I am also interested in dinosaurs and would like to collect some of the coins that celebrate them. I also like cats and dogs and would like to collect coins for the breeds that have been my pets.

After my parents got divorced, it became harder to pay bills and buy groceries so I give my mom all the coins that I find but someday my coin collection will be more than a wish list.

Bob's comments: This is the second Honorary Mention essay that we have received by Adriana — the first detailing how her love of butterflies opened the doors to coin collecting for her. We like her enthusiasm. She is clearly on the right track in thinking about the collection that SHE wants to pursue. Like most of you, I can remember (although I prefer not to...) when I tried to collect everything, and was spending a fortune storing cardboard albums in safe deposit boxes. Becoming more selective is part of a naturally occurring process for most numismatists, as we discover that our reach exceeds our grasp (with apologies to Browning).

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