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I Love Butterflies!

Adriana Tsang

I love butterflies! A couple of summers ago, my mom gave me a butterfly habitat so I could raise butterflies in my own bedroom. On the first day the caterpillars arrived, I was surprised by how little they were. They didn't stay little for long! They ate and ate all day as I watched them grow bigger and bigger. Soon they had each attached to the lid of the jar and formed a chrysalis. A few days later they started to hatch. It was amazing to watch such large butterflies come out of such small living spaces. While their wings were drying, we went out into the garden to pick our butterfly plants and flowers to put on the floor of their habitat. We sprinkled sugar water on the flowers for food so the butterflies could grow stronger. A day or two later, they started to fly around their habitat. At this time, we thought they were ready to live outside. We took the habitat into our garden and opened the door. The butterflies slowly started to fly around our backyard. I was happy to see them enjoying our flowers but sad to see them fly over the fence and away. The next summer I raised another batch of butterflies but was still sad to watch them grow up and fly away.

This spring, my 2nd grade class studied the life cycle of butterflies and we took a field trip to the Museum of Science to see their Butterfly Room. My family also visited The Butterfly Place in Weston, MA and all this made me curious to find what other butterfly images might appear on things in the world around me.

On the computer we found a website with images of butterflies on money. Isn't that great? Butterflies that could stay with me forever and never fly away! The coins are incredibly beautiful, shiny and some are so colorful that the butterflies almost look alive. One coin shows the life cycle of butterflies so I'd never forget raising them as a little girl. I wish I could start a collection of these coins, but for right now I can only print out copies to dream about. Many of these coins came from countries I've never heard of or studied in school like: Palau, Vanuatu, Mauritius, Niue Island, the Seychelles, Falkland Islands and Papua New Guinea. Do you know where these places are? I didn't, so we got out our big atlas and explored the world to search for the countries that made such beautiful butterfly coins.

Bob's comments: There are many roads for the collecting journey, but it always starts better with a guiding hand --- and a map for the really lucky youngster. I understand that Adriana's uncle is a coin collector, and perhaps they will both profit from reading this touching story. What other interests can be extended by collecting coins and notes?

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